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{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 1 - Earl Ethan Durham

This is series of biographies is for my Durham/Derham line. My ancestry is as follows:

My dad
Earl Ethan Durham – Grace E. Rose
Charles Henry Derham – Mary Ann Burbridge
William Derham – Elizabeth “Betty” Bowyer
Henry Derham – Ann Brownsford
RichardDerham – Joan Smith

Earl Ethan Durham

Heather’s great grandfather

When Earl Ethan Durham was born on February 16, 1886, in Corunna, Michigan, his father, Charles, was 40 and his mother, Mary, was 37. He married Grace E Rose on August 9, 1910, in his hometown. They had two children during their marriage. He died on January 31, 1942, in Lakeland, Florida, at the age of 55.

Earl was of the first generation to adopt the spelling “Durham” instead of “Derham”, though during his lifetime he did use the old “Derham” spelling occasionally. Earl’s brother Ray was the only sibling who steadfastly held on to the “e”.  All of Earl’s other siblings ended up using “Durham” as well.

We have a “delayed” birth certificate showing his birth date, birth place, and parents’ names. This birth certificate was issued in 1965, well after his death, and is taken from data given in 1935, near the end of his life.

The above photo is said to be Earl and Ray Derham. Since Ray is the younger brother by 2 years, then Earl is on the left, maybe 4 or 5 years old.

Since the 1890 census was lost, the first time we see him in the census is in 1900, when he is 14 years old. He lives with his parents Charles and Mary, as well as 5 siblings and one servant, at 400 Frager St in Corunna, Michigan. This address doesn’t seem to exist anymore, according to Google Earth.

This census reports Earl’s birth date as Feb 1886, so that helps us to validate his delayed birth certificate.

I think this photo would have been taken around his high school graduation.

Ten years later, in May of 1910, we can see Earl in the 1910 census. He’s still living with his parents (though he will be married in a couple of months), and he is working as a salesman in a drugstore. This is interesting to see, because Earl will remain in the pharmacy and drugstore career for the rest of his working life. The address is now listed as West Fraser St in Corunna. I am guessing that is the new (or correct) spelling of Frager St. But still no luck on Google Earth.

On August 9, 1910, Earl marries Grace E. Rose. This transcript shows the bride’s and groom’s parents’ names and witnesses’ names. Earl and Grace are the 2nd couple listed…skip the first couple. Earl’s parents’ names match those on the delayed birth certificate. His witness is his brother Ray. The marriage license was issued on August 8, with the actual marriage taking place in Corunna the next day.

I believe this to be his wedding photo. He is 24 years old.

The wedding made front page news of the Corunna Journal.

On 17 Feb 1912, his daughter Martha Lucile Durham is born. Here she is with mother Grace, when she’s 3 months old.

In June 1913, Earl purchases a drugstore business, though it doesn’t indicate that he bought the drugstore building itself – perhaps it is rented.

On 5 July 1914, a 2nd daughter is born. My grandmother Jean Rose Durham.

In April 1916, Earl is elected mayor of Corunna. He’s now 30 years old.

He is re-elected in April 1917.

On 12 September 1918, Earl registers for the draft, due to the onset of World War I.

We can see his signature. Also we now know he is “self-employed” as a “druggist”.

He is further described by the Registrar as “short”, with blue eyes and light brown hair.

Here is the family in the 1920 census. Earl is now 35 years old. They live at 214 State St in Corunna. He is the “employer” and “retail merchant” at a drugstore. He also reports that he owns his home at 214 State St., free and clear.

We now have better luck on Google Earth, but it shows both a 214 West State St and a 214 East State St, very close to each other. Referring back to the 1920 census I can see that just a few homes earlier, the census-taker did visit a 214 West State St already. Therefore I conclude that the Durham family lived at 214 East State St. The home is 2 blocks south of the drugstore they operated at 301 N. Shiawassee St.

The closest address I can find on Zillow is 212 East State St., which was built in 1945. It seems that 214 does not exist any more.

On 16 August 1921, Martha dies at age 9. It seems she had taken ill on August 11th. Her residence on the death certificate is listed as 301 N. Shiawassee, which is the drugstore. Martha’s death notice in the paper confirms that the family is living over the drugstore.

Here is a photo of Earl with the girls before Martha died. The gentleman on the left is unknown to me, probably a grandfather.

Earl was president of the school board for the school year 1929-1930. This card that I found doesn’t indicate which school board, so I assume it was Corunna.

In the 1930 census, the family of 3 is living at 302 West State St. in Corunna, and Earl clearly is shown as owning the drugstore at this point. It also says that he owns the home, as opposed to renting, but doesn’t indicate whether he has a mortgage or not. The home is valued at $8000.

In December 1930, the newly-elected governor of Michigan appoints Earl to the State Board of Pharmacy.

In December 1931, the newspapers report that Earl, whose title is “Supervisor”, “has put into effect a new kind of welfare relief plan. The supervisor is buying produce at the farms at low prices with the farmers delivering to the homes of the needy.”  This is all that is mentioned, so I am only guessing that Supervisor is a state title and that he is using state funds for this effort.

The Derham and Rose families were known to “winter” in Florida.

This photo is of Grace and Earl, and I believe Grace’s father Elbert Rose, on the right. In Grace’s handwriting, it says “Bok Tower” which is located in Florida. I believe this was taken January 1932.

In 1936, we can see Earl in the Corunna Directory. And we also know that he drives a Pontiac. There is his older brother William, as well.

 The 1940 census is barely legible, so I didn’t show it here, but in 1940 he and Grace are still living in the same house. Grace’s father is living with them as well. The 1940 census recorded the highest level of education for each person. Earl reports that he had 4 years of high school. (Grace had 3 years and her father had 1 year.)

On 31 January 1942, Earl died in Florida.

Here is his death notice in the local Michigan paper. It is reported that he’d had a stroke.

I do have his death certificate as well, though it’s difficult to read, so I didn’t reprint it here. He was 56 years old. The death certificate says he had hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. Grace reports that their usual address is 302 W. 8th Street in Corunna. Is that formerly 302 W. State Street? Still no address match today.

He was buried in Pinetree Cemetery in Corunna.

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 6 - Richard Derham

Richard Derham

Heather’s 6th great grandfather

We know from baptism records that Henry Derham’s parents were Richard and Joan. I have found a marriage record in North Curry, between Richard Derham and Joan Smith, 21 Aug 1727.

This same couple had 3 other sons baptized in the same church. Richard, baptized Jul 1728, apparently died as a baby. Another son Richard, baptized December 1729. Then I don’t find any other baptism records until Henry, born 1737, and then a son William, baptized July 1742.

Otherwise, the name is too common and we don’t have enough information tying people together. There was a Richard Derham born in North Curry in 1700,  and another one born there in 1702. Could either of these be our Richard?    In both cases, the boy’s father’s name was also Richard Derham. A good hunch that my 7th great grandfather is also Richard Derham. But I just don’t know. Searching for “Joan Derham” doesn’t narrow it down. There are at least 3 Joan Derhams  who died in North Curry around the time  I’m looking, but  I can’t see who they are buried near, or an exact transcript of the gravestone.

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 5 - HENRY DERHAM (B. 1737)

Henry Derham (b. 1737)

Heather’s 5th great grandfather

Henry Derham was born on July 11, 1737, the son of Joan and Richard. He married Ann Brownsford on January 17, 1765, in North Curry, Somerset, England. They had two sons that we know of. He died on March 25, 1803, at the age of 65, and was buried in North Curry, Somerset, England.

Henry’s baptism record is unusual because it shows his birth date as well. Here is the page from 1738. I imagine it’s a transcription but I don’t know when the transcript was written.

It says: Henry, s(on) of Richard Darham & Joan, baptized February 18, and he was born July the 11th.

Marriage banns between Henry Derham and Ann Brownsford of North Curry were published for 3 weeks in December 1764. It says the banns were published “by me” so I wonder if that means this document is not a transcript. Typically transcriptions would indicate the name of “me”.

A transcript of the later marriage record indicates that they were married on 17 Jan 1765. Henry was 27 years old.

Their son John Derham, who is buried with them and referenced on the gravestone, was born later that year. The gravestone indicates that son John died at age 27, which would put his birth year as 1765.

The only other child we know about is William Derham, who was born a few years later, in 1768, and is also buried with Henry and Ann.

As referenced in son William’s biography, there is a discrepancy on Henry’s gravestone. Though it says he died 25 Mar 1804, it is more likely 25 Mar 1803. The burial record indicates he was buried 3 Apr 1803. So either the burial record is wrong, or the etching on the gravestone is wrong.

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 4 - William Derham

William Derham

Heather’s 4th great grandfather

When William Derham was born in 1768, his father, Henry, was 31 and his mother, Ann, was 29. He married Elizabeth "Betty" Bowyer in 1797 in North Curry, Somerset, England. They had 6 children for which I have found baptismal records, and possibly 3 other children, for a total of 9 children in 17 years. He died in 1819 at the age of 51, and was buried in North Curry, Somerset, England.

North Curry is here:

As an adult, William would go on to name 3 of his sons Henry (2 died young), and 2 of his daughters Ann (one died young). This helps give us evidence that we are on the right track in naming his parents Henry and Ann.

Here is a baptismal record from 1768 in North Curry. It is difficult to read, but it says that “Wm. Son of Henery + Ann Derham” was baptized 18 Sep 1768.

Luckily, here is the printed transcript, since I wouldn’t trust my eyes to read that.

A similar transcript shows that William Derham married Betty Bowyer in North Curry in 1797. William’s birth date is not shown, so we are assuming this is the same William Derham who was baptized in 1768.

We have a burial record showing William Derham, age 51, was buried in May 1819 in North Curry. He’s the bottom row. The age would put his birth as 1768, which matches the baptism record we have.

Elizabeth Derham, who we assume to be Mrs. Betty Bowyer Derham, is buried 14 Nov 1828 in North Curry.

A transcription of the Derham burial monument helps to put all the parties together on the same page, though it’s still not proof that Betty Bowyer is the same as Mrs. Elizabeth Derham. The transcript reads as follows, but note the * where the transcriber indicated a discrepancy from burial records, details in the screenshot : Headstone – Sacred to the memory of John Derham, son of Henry and Ann Derham, who departed this life May 10th, 1792, aged 27 years. Also in memory of Henry Derham who departed this life March 25th, 1804, aged 65 years*. Also in memory of Ann Derham, wife of Henry Derham, who departed this life October 2x, 1811, aged 72 years.* Also in memory of William Derham, son of Henry and Ann Derham, who departed this life May 11, 1819, aged 51 years. Also in memory of Elizabeth Derham, wife of William Derham, who departed this x, x, 1828, ag x.

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 3 - HENRY DERHAM (B. 1816)

Henry Derham (b. 1816)

Heather’s 3rd great grandfather

When Henry Derham was baptized on March 3, 1816, in Somerset, England, his father, William, was 48 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 43. He married Martha Jewell on May 21, 1835, in Bickenhall, Somerset, England. He arrived in the United States in 1847. They had six children in 11 years. He died on September 7, 1893, having lived a long life of 77 years, and was buried in Shiawassee, Michigan.

A baptismal record does exist, that shows his parents’ names and William and Betty Derham, his baptism date of 3 March 1816, in North Curry, Somerset County, England. This is all I have to go on regarding his parents, but the birth year and place are correct for him according to his son Alfred’s biography, so I am proceeding assuming that the baptism record is for our Henry.

Henry’s sister Ann was baptized the same day. A twin?

His father died when he was 3 years old, and his mother died when he was 12. I am not sure who raised him after that.

He married Martha Jewell in Bickenhall, Somerset County, England on 21 May 1835. I wrote much about Henry and Martha in Martha’s biography, so see her entry for more on the life of Henry.

Martha died in 1868. According to their son Alfred’s biography, Henry re-married 2 years later, a “Mrs. Marm”, whose first name was Lydia. I have not learned Lydia’s maiden name. Lydia died 18 Apr 1888.

Henry then married a 3rd time, to Mary A. Weigle, who had previously been married to a Mr. Baker. I found this marriage return where he did indicate it was his 3rd marriage. They were married 7 Nov 1888. Henry gives his mother’s name as “Elizabeth Jewell”. He seems to confuse his first wife’s maiden name with his mother’s maiden name. His mother is actually Elizabeth Bowyer...we think.

According to his gravestone, Henry died on 7 September 1893, and was buried in Wilkinson Cemetery in Shiawassee County, Michigan. He is buried next to his first wife Martha.

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 2 - Charles Henry Derham

Charles Henry Derham

Heather’s 2nd great grandfather

When Charles Henry Derham was born in September 1845 in England, his father, Henry, was 29 and his mother, Martha, was 31. He married Mary Ann Burbridge on December 19, 1867, in Genesee, Michigan. They had eight children in 18 years, and seven of those children survived to adulthood. He died in 1925 at the age of 80, and was buried in Corunna, Michigan.

The earliest record I have for Charles Henry Derham, is a baptism record dated 19 Oct 1845, from Parish of Street, County of Somerset, England.

This came from records from the Church of England, Somerset Parish Records. It is possible the image is a transcript, and I don’t know when the transcript was created.

The family immigrated to the United States sometime between 1847 and 1850. Though I don’t have immigration records, he self-reports this information in the 1900 census, and we have his father’s biography that gives more clues. The 1900 census is also where we learn that his birth month is September, so we can guess that his birth was September 1845.

It looks like the family possibly arrives too late for the 1850 census, so the first time we see Charles Henry Derham in the U.S. is in the 1860 census.

He lives with his parents and 4 other brothers and sisters, and he is 15 years old. They live in Venice, Shiawassee County, Michigan.

On 19 Dec 1867, Charles marries Mary Ann Burbridge in Genesee County, Michigan. He is 22 years old. She is 19. He reports that his residence is now Corunna, Michigan, and that he is a farmer.

I have not been able to find Charles in the 1870 census. If I did, I would expect to see him and Mary Ann, and their first child Joseph who was born in 1869. It is Joseph who died young, as we do not see him in the 1880 census. We know Mary Ann had one child who died because she will report this fact later in the 1900 census.

In 1880, the family with 4 children is living in Clayton, Michigan, which was Mary Ann’s home town. Her father, Joseph Burbridge, is living with them as well. Charles is still a farmer.

Family portrait, ca. 1895.

The next time we see the family is in the 1900 census. We saw this in son Earl’s biography, but it’s reprinted here for discussion.

This census is how we know when Charles immigrated, when his birth month is, and how many children have died.

I wish it would tell us when in the past 20 years did they move to Corunna. But I don’t know.

He is living on a mortgaged farm, still working as a farmer.

In 1903 he gives a talk at a farmer’s symposium, about sugar beets. In fact, there is much discussion in 1903 about his sugar beet farm.

As we saw in son Earl’s biography, by the 1910 census, the family is still apparently at the same address.

Family portrait, ca. 1910:

On a 1915 Corunna land map, we can see “Chas. Derham” in Box 20, owning land along the Shiawassee River. Or maybe it’s still mortgaged. But it is in his name on this map.

Later in 1915, his wife Mary dies of cancer.

In the 1920 census he confirms that he owns his farm free and clear. He is 74 years old. Now it’s just him and his son William at home. The address is called “Farm 681”, Lowland Ave., Corunna.

In May 1922, Charles is hit by a car, and his leg is broken. The car was a county vehicle being driven by the sheriff. The following year, Charles sued both the sheriff and the county for $10,000. I was not able to find the results of the suit.

Charles died some time in 1925. I could not find an obituary or his death certificate, so I only have his death date from his headstone. He is buried in Pinetree Cemetery, Corunna.


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