Tuesday, August 07, 2018

{genealogy} 32 great-great-great grandparents

I received a document in the mail yesterday, that helped identify my last unknown G-G-G-grandparent. I now have identified and proven all of my great grandparents, great-great grandparents, and great-great-great grandparents.

Onto the 64 4th great grandparents!

Sunday, June 03, 2018

1SE is the reason I haven't been taking a lot of photos

Over on the other blog I have been slow at taking photos. But I have been doing the 1 Second Every Day (1SE) app which is pretty fun. I don't actually do it every day, but here is what I collected from March-May. It's mostly Libby and Mae. I would like to count all these as part of My365 photo project, but I'm not sure yet. I do a photo album every year and I'd have to extract stills from these or just include QR codes in my album.


Saturday, May 05, 2018

A very prestigious award

I know it has been a long time but everything is fine around here. Blah blah blah something about being the b-word, blah blah blah something about balance, blah blah blah something about how I'm working on it but it's very challenging right now.

That being said, I am very very happy to report that my work on the Vietnam memorial, book, and website http://www.clackamascountyfallen.com/ has gotten national attention at DAR. To my supreme surprise, my work has been nominated for a national award. So I, along with my whole family, am headed to Washington DC next month and will find out if we won. I believe the award is nothing more than bragging rights, but that is fine since that is something I love to do anyway.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Everglades Holiday Park

Oh gosh, things are really bad around here when I don't have time to post about our vacation that ended a month ago. I am temporarily skipping writing about the Bahamas and moving ahead to the end of our trip in Florida, because that's the photo I have handy.

On our bucket list was to go to the Everglades and see an alligator, which we did!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Magic Kingdom

I'm posting the professional photos here since they don't count toward my photo blog. I did not realize the pro photos were going to be so expensive. So just look into it before you decide to rely on the pros.

As you'll see, we visited a lot of princesses. The lines to meet the princesses are quite long, so we got one Fast Pass each day for a different princess location. Every day the girls said that meeting princesses was their favorite thing.

As I wrote about before, on our first night in the Magic Kingdom we were lucky to see fireworks while riding the Mine Train. I knew we wanted to see the fireworks properly at some point during our visit. In Magic Kingdom there are a couple of large lawn areas that are fenced, and I was thinking they might be a nice place to view the show. On our 2nd night in the park, there was a special pre-show before the actual fireworks show, that was going on as we were leaving the park. We walked past the lawn and I saw there was a sign up that said the lawn was reserved. As soon as we got back to the hotel I started checking on how I could get reservations to view the fireworks from that lawn. I was lucky to be able to get reservations on our final night in the park. The reservations are called "Fireworks Dessert Party", and it was totally worth it. Very recommended! You meet at a restaurant in Tomorrowland and they serve a buffet of amazing desserts. After you've had your fill of all the delicious sweets, they gather you up to walk over to the lawn. Though you typically still need to stand to really see the show well, the lawn had plenty of room for everyone to walk around and enjoy the show, and Libby and Mae had space to dance to the music as they wanted to.

The point of both the pre-show and the fireworks show is not actually to see the fireworks. The fireworks are a distant 2nd place to the images that are shown on Cinderella castle. I'm guessing the imagineers invented and patented new technology for this show. At first you might think, oh nice, they are using Cinderella castle as a screen. But after a while you realize that though sometimes the castle itself is a screen, other times, every individual surface on the castle is actually an independent screen. Video is the best way to show this...try this video, and if you have a short attention span there is a great example of the technology if you just watch from the 7-minute mark for a couple minutes. Of course even the video is not like seeing it in person, especially the You Can Fly scene at the end.


Anyway, the Fireworks Dessert Party is definitely recommended! There's a photo of the kids with their desserts over on my photo blog.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Epic vacation!

The reason it's been so long is because we spent the first 2 weeks of February on vacation in Florida and Bahamas. And the last couple weeks have just been way too busy. Just before we went on vacation I realized I forgot to pay our payroll taxes the month before. It's on my calendar monthly, and I checked it off as "done" even though I didn't actually do it! That was one of many clues that working 3 jobs plus homeschooling plus running the house is not sustainable. We'd like to hire a medical assistant for Mike, but that's not in our budget right now, so we hired a personal assistant for me instead. She starts on Thursday.

Now back to the vacation. We'd been planning it for a couple of years actually, ever since Mike bought a cruise from a telemarketer. Yeah, we had plenty of doubts about the purchase, but it all turned out to be legit and we had the most amazing vacation. The package that Mike bought was for 2 nights in Orlando, then a "cruise" to Bahamas, then 2 nights on Grand Bahama island, "cruise" back to Palm Beach, then 2 nights in Ft. Lauderdale. I say "cruise" in quotes because it's not very far to the island, so we were on the boat only about 18 hours each way. But on the other hand it was a real cruise ship with wonderful buffet, 3 pools, all kinds of nightlife entertainment going on, so it was a real cruise, just very very short.

We decided that 2 nights in Orlando was not going to be enough, for 2 reasons. One of the nights would be our first night there after spending a whole travel day getting there from Oregon. And, as part of the package Mike agreed to go to a timeshare presentation, so that would be day 2. Effectively the entire part of the Orlando package. So we added on 5 more days on our own.

We did one day at Animal Kingdom and the other 4 days at Magic Kingdom. I bought 4-day passes from a discounter (that I found out about from a trusted source), and they upgraded me to 5-day passes at no extra charge. At Disneyworld you have to load your Fast Passes in advance, and you get 3 per day. Ok, you don't HAVE to, and technically you can add more after you have used up your 3. But let's face it, it's the real world, so yes you have to and yes you effectively only get 3 if you don't get to the park at 7am, which I do not.

The parks were crowded. 4-hour wait times for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. That kind of thing. So we basically ended up only doing our 3 FPs each day and that was about it. It was a very luxurious way to travel, or very wasteful, I don't know how you want to look at it. It was certainly expensive even with the 5th day free, but would have been more stressful if we had to wait in lines forever to try to fit everything into one or two days. I liked it and I would do it that way again. At first I didn't exactly like having to reserve our FPs so far in advance, but it worked out great.

Our first full day in Orlando, we went to Animal Kingdom. Our first FP was for Kilimanjaro Safaris. As far as I'm concerned that is the only reason to go to Animal Kingdom. I think our reservation was around 1:30pm. After we got off the safari it was raining pretty hard and the kids wanted to leave. So we did. One whole Disneyworld pass just for Kilimanjaro Safaris. Worth it! The animals are so close you can almost reach out and touch them. I mean look how close we were to the giraffes. And it's not like 2-3 giraffes like we have at Oregon Zoo. They have like 15 giraffes.

We went into Celebration for late lunch or early dinner. It is still really nice there.

On our 2nd day we attended the timeshare presentation by Wyndham. Our sales rep was (unintentionally) hilarious! They tell you it's going to be about 2 hours. You go to a Wyndham facility and they show you a video and then walk you around one of their apartments. I imagine that takes 2 hours or less if you have bad credit. See, they ask you about your income and they run your credit score at the start of the presentation. So I imagine then if it's obvious you can't afford a timeshare, they don't give you a hard time about leaving. But if you have good credit and appear to have the means, they bring in the "closer".  That's what happened to us. I loved her. She was a scream. Our original sales rep was a sort of meek guy named Daniel but then he got shoved out of the way by the closer-lady who was about 50-something and dressed like Joan Holloway from Mad Men (and did it well) and spoke with a sort of European accent and said things like "BRAVO, HONEY" every time I asked a question. She wore a tiara. And she was the queen of high pressure sales. I laughed right at her, I thought she was so entertaining. Truthfully the Wyndham resorts look really nice. And they don't make you buy in perpetuity, which is everyone's nightmare, so they got rid of that. And the monthly "maintenance" fees are pretty low. And the points never expire and they can be used for airfare and other stuff that's not related to the resort properties themselves. But we still said no, we can't afford to finance such a purchase. No, no, no, we want to go to Magic Kingdom now. Joan pursed her lips at me. She didn't like it but she had to take no for an answer. If you are ever stuck in this type of situation you can just make it easy on yourself by telling them that your income is really low. After we got back Mike found sellmytimesharenow.com where you can buy the same packages that Wyndham was trying to sell us, but for much less. Like I said, we did really like it, but if we ever go for it we will probably buy it that way, from another seller.

Anyway, day 2, we made it to the Magic Kingdom, and our FP that day was for something called Enchanted Tales with Belle. I didn't know what it was except that you got to meet Belle. Libby and Mae really wanted to meet princesses. It was a big deal for them. So Enchanted Tales with Belle turns out to be a thing where you meet Belle but sort of put on a little play for her at the same time. The play is re-enacting the story of Beauty and the Beast. And my kids got cast in leading roles, with Libby cast as Maurice (Belle's father) and Mae was cast as the Beast! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER! Both kids said later that they were "embarrassed" and didn't want to be Maurice or the Beast but you would never guess that from the way they played their roles. And I got the whole thing on video. Which I will have to post later but here is a screenshot  photo from the professional photographer, with Libby, Belle, and Mae all on stage together. Libby is Maurice in the dungeon, and Mae has just startled Belle by "roaring" at her. It was so funny!

I think it was after we got to meet Belle that we had a FP for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which is the most popular ride in the park. This was so epic, because we didn't have to wait in the hours-long line, we got to ride it at night (fun!), and the fireworks were going off overhead during our ride (amazing)! All 4 of us loved this ride and the whole experience. After we exited the Mine Train we stayed behind the castle to watch the rest of the fireworks. Mike said now that we've seen the fireworks from behind the castle we don't have to make plans to watch them again. But I knew better...I mean it was a big fat clue that there was only us and like 5 other people behind the castle. The whole entire rest of the park was in front of the castle. Well, unless they were in line for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. But I will have to write about that later. Will also post photos on the photo blog as soon as I can!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Five bullet Sunday

1.     Update on the 2017 losses. My work contract is for 10 hours per week and for the last several months it's been triple that, and I literally don't have that many hours to give. It's been very difficult because ultimately it's Libby and Mae that have their hours with me cut. The next milestone to see if there is improvement is in a couple weeks, and then another measure a couple weeks after that. If there isn't improvement by then, well, I'll be having a little chat with some people.

There also hasn't been any progress on the psych notes app. The developer that Mike liked ended up reaching out and seemed to indicate that he was going to submit a bid and then...nothing...

2.      Update on DAR volunteer work. I'll be Registrar again through summer 2020. I'm working at a Vietnam Commemoration event on Saturday. I didn't have anything to do with planning this one. I was asked to be photographer yesterday, and I agreed. I'm looking forward to it. Also my chapter's 100th birthday is coming up and we're doing a few events to celebrate. I'm in charge of a cemetery cleanup and grave re-dedication (my idea), and I'm also in charge of invitations to a tea party (not my idea). The invitations thing was kind of funny, they basically passed me an example invitation to "look at" and then a few minutes later I hear, "Ok, Heather, I see you're holding the invitation, so you just hang on to that and work on getting us 60 more." I agreed because I do know how to log on to Etsy to order party invitations. Finally, getting the QR code installed at the Vietnam Monument is proving to be a challenge. Everyone agrees they want one, but the artist is stalling on installation.

3.      What I'm reading. I just finished The Restaurant Critic's Wife by Elizabeth Laban. It was ok. I liked it and would read this author again. The story and characters were original, though I thought the husband (the critic) was a big jerk.  

For non-fiction I'm reading The Four-Hour Chef. It is less annoying than Tools of Titans or Tribe of Mentors, which I frequently mix up and refer to as Tribe of Tools. "Less annoying" doesn't sound that great. I actually do like this book. It's a library book and I want to get my own copy. I like Tribe of Tools as well but you have to get past the fact that they all sound like a bunch of tools. In Four-Hour Chef he's uneducated...the book is Tim learning how to learn...hence, he hasn't learned how to be goddamn know-it-all tool yet.

4.      What I'm cooking. I came up with the best cauliflower mash this week. I don't usually develop my own recipes, but Mike and I eat a lot of cauliflower since we don't do potatoes, so this one eventually came together. I use a food processor with the cheese grater attachment to grate one head of cauliflower. Then you melt some butter in a large saucepan. About 2 tablespoons. Then dump in the cauliflower and stir it up. Add in a bit of water, like, 2 tablespoons again. Put a lid on and cook on medium heat for 7 minutes to steam the cauliflower. Stir it every couple minutes so the bottom of the pan doesn't burn the cauliflower. Then dump it back in the food processor with the regular blade attachment and add a couple big spoonfuls of ricotta cheese and some salt and mix it up. Oh and some garlic. It is the best.

5.      What I'm watching.   The girls and I are watching the newest season of Just Add Magic on Amazon. We love that show! What I am not watching: The Worst Witch new series on Netflix. I'm absolutely astonished that in a world where Harry Potter exists, anyone gave this show the green light. It is not a horrible production, though it's not anywhere close to being a great production, it's just that the plot is so similar to HP that all you can do is compare it to HP. They have a Snape character and everything and she even talks just like Alan Rickman. Mae, who has never seen Harry Potter, likes The Worst Witch. I tell her that's only because you haven't seen Harry Potter, which is a million times better. She say, oh, but the magic looks so real. I say, OMG, that's because you haven't seen Harry Potter. I tell her it is wrong to like The Worst Witch. Oh, yes I do.

Friday, January 05, 2018

2017 wins and losses

Wins and losses in 2017:

1. Win - the TV show Ronja, the Robber's Daughter and watching it together with Libby and Mae. It's advertised as a kids' show, and I won't say it isn't, but the content can be very intense for a kids' show. I mean, there's an episode about a child's suicidal ideation, for crying out loud. (Episode 23: Life Isn't To Be Thrown Away.) And that's only one of many episodes that deals with the near death of a child. I say all this and you might wonder why I would even adore this show. I normally can't bear something that sounds so sad. But that's the awesome thing about the show - the episodes deal with heavy content but almost always end in an uplifting way. The animation studio is the same one that did Spirited Away, which incidentally, I never saw because it sounds too sad!! But maybe it's handled in the same manner as Ronja.

Also, the mature content is presented in a subtle way. Going back to the example of episode 23, my kids had no idea what the characters were hinting at. Only that the characters were angry and had to solve a problem.

2. Loss - our app for psychiatrists still isn't done. We started it in January and after I created a working skeleton we hired a developer. He worked only 40 hours on it over the course of many months and by September he abandoned the project entirely due to personal matters. It took til the end of December but we did get a copy of the code from him. We interviewed 4 more developers in December. We received bids from 2 of them but we didn't want to hire them. The other 2 that we actually liked, never submitted a bid. It's frustrating.

3. Win - seeing the total eclipse! Everything went so perfectly it was as if we were charmed!

4. Loss - we hired the wrong tax accountant in 2016 and ended up having to pay large penalties in 2017. Our new tax accountant is me!

5. Win and loss - Having Tommy and Ada come visit is a whole bunch of wins, because we did a whole lot of touristy stuff that we don't normally do on our own. Going river rafting was incredible, mostly because Libby and Mae LOVED IT SO MUCH. It was glorious hiking into Latourell Falls and finally getting to the waterfall. It was glorious for about one second before Mike fell and cut his leg open really bad and I didn't have a first aid kit on me (we had one in the car but it took an hour to hike back). Taking Ada to see Cirque du Soleil. Taking Tommy to Seaside.

6. Win - finally going to see Mt. St. Helens on a beautiful sunny day.

7. Loss and win - getting rear-ended and losing our 4x4 as "totaled". But then getting a new 4x4 for free.

8. Win - meeting a new friend to our family.

9. Win - Mike getting hired to speak at a conference in 2018.

10. Loss - I didn't finish my genealogy class that I started writing in October. I still intend to do it, but I'm a sprinter, not a marathoner, and it's hard to get even a single day off.

11. Win - visiting friends and family in California

12. Win - seeing my research for the Clackamas County Vietnam Fallen turned into a monument.

13. Loss - Having my workload triple at the beginning of the year, and I didn't request a new hire until the end of the year. Still struggling with this.

14. Win - had some fun with cryptocurrencies. I invested a little bit in Ethereum and made 225% in one month. Of course, I haven't taken it out yet, so I guess I'm going to see all disappear when the bubble bursts. But I fed my FOMO and had fun with it.

15. Win - happy, healthy kids!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Libby's and Mae's Xmas dances

It is already the season for Libby and Mae to perform around town, entertaining shoppers and residents with their holiday dances.

This one is Libby doing the Candy Cane Twist. She is 2nd from the right.

And here is both Libby and Mae doing a ballet dance to The First Noel. Mae is the 3rd one to get on stage and Libby is 5th.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Tomorrow is the big day


The news station called me but I didn't want to be interviewed on the fly on camera, so I asked my chapter Regent to do it. I was there while she filmed so I got some behind the scenes photos. Unfortunately, by declining to be interviewed I guess I set it up so the reporter mistakenly indicated that Phyllis wrote the book. But we know the truth, right?

I was super happy that right after the news story aired, a descendant of one of the young men found my website http://www.clackamascountyfallen.com/ and contacted me immediately. She said her family was very happy with the way we were honoring her relative.

Phyllis getting her mic pinned on

Here's where my book was on TV

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Libby plays the piano

I thought I had posted about our in-home piano lessons before, but I guess I didn't. We started having a piano teacher come to our house a little over a month ago. It. is. awesome. Libby and Mae have reacted very differently from having group lessons in a music school. They love to play. They fight over the teacher and over who gets to play the piano at any time of day. They play the piano all the time. I never have to ask them to practice. They just go play it. Libby now says playing the piano is her favorite thing to do.

Here is a 30-second video I took yesterday of Libby playing. It doesn't look like much, but to me it's a big deal for a few reasons.

(1) She's playing with 2 hands, and the music as written is only for one hand. It's a piece meant for the child to practice playing bass clef with the left hand. After she bored of playing it with her left hand, Libby took it upon herself to play the melody with her right hand and then add chords with her left hand.
(2) She did this all by herself...no one taught her which chords to play. Her new teacher says Libby plays by ear so he's changing his teaching style to accommodate this. Her prior music school did not accommodate and so she never progressed even after months of lessons.
(3) You can see in the video she makes a tiny mistake and just plays on, and doesn't beat herself up about it. This is a change from when she had group lessons.
(4) She doesn't show off her improv, she just loves to play. I knew the song she was playing and that's the only reason I knew it wasn't written for 2 hands.

I'm so proud of her!


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday coffee post

I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately. What have I been doing. No babysitter. Homeschooling.

The big news is that in less than a month the new Vietnam Memorial monument will be installed, with a dedication ceremony on Veterans Day. My name was in the paper and my book was on TV. That sentence is true but I should clarify my name was in the paper as "contact person" as opposed to "person who did all the research". And my book was on local access cable.

I built this website: http://www.clackamascountyfallen.com/
It needs a little work. I see my favicon isn't showing up. And of course I will add photos of the monument after its installation.

The cool thing (one of the cool things) is that I helped pay for one of the granite benches being installed, and that bench will have a QR code embedded in it that links to my website.

I have contacted several of the young men's family and descendants and they are coming to the ceremony.

I wasn't there when my book was on TV but here is a photo. We had our house painted last week and at the time of this meeting I was still putting the house back together.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday morning coffee post

The kids have been doing "sleepovers" in each other's bedrooms for the last few nights. They don't get to sleep until late, so then they end up sleeping late in the morning, which is what is happening now.

Mike and I (finally) saw Chris Guillebeau speak in Portland on Friday. He is on a book tour promoting his latest book, Side Hustle. Which is based on his daily podcast, Side Hustle School.

He's an interesting guy, and I've read all of his books. Since Portland is his home base we have had other opportunities to meet him but until now we have always missed out. I read the Side Hustle book in a few days. It outlines a 27-step process for coming up with an idea, testing it, and launching it. Incidentally, it's not 27 days to launch...he actually has you launch on day 17 or so. Using this process sort of lessens the fear of failure for me. Because theoretically you could launch 12 ideas per year using this method, so if one doesn't work, you didn't waste a whole lot of time on it. That's the idea he promotes. This isn't a huge invention that takes several years, but neither is it taking on a part time job or becoming an Uber driver. He says it's finding an asset that will pay you. So you do have to come up with an original product or service, and that becomes a paying asset.

Speaking of which, we are this much (holding fingers close together) closer to launching our note-taking tool for psychiatrists. Our programmer has reportedly finished one of the validation scripts that verifies the note is accurate. Mike and I have to review it and make sure it works. If it does, there's only 1.5 more steps before we can proceed with hiring auditors and beta testers to confirm our app does what we think it does. Then we can make the changes and launch what would likely be a subscription service to our app.

I'm also recording a class on how to publish your own genealogy in the 21st century. Ask me where it is in 27 days.

My next project is home school curriculum. This has been a bit of a challenge for us. I mean I have no problem teaching the core stuff, and our printed curriculum of choice is simply the What Your (First Grader) Needs to Know... series, but I would like to do more in-depth topics that are outside of the core curriculum. Standard teacher curriculum for sale tends to focus on paper handouts and things that must be done inside a classroom. Also it is of course very focused on "common core" which I really don't know what that is, but there's a lot of stuff school teachers have to document that sounds like legal language and my eyes glaze over when I look at it. And it doesn't apply to me anyway.

For some reason home school curriculum very often focuses on this thing they call a "lapbook" (rhymes with scrapbook) which is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. You give the child a file folder and a bunch of pages and then they spend the entire day cutting stuff out and pasting it into the file folder. It is a huge waste of time and then you're left with this paper clutter that I'm not sure what to do with. For example, I found this exercise designed to help the child memorize her phone number. You give the kid a paper that has picture of a phone, a rectangle, and a bunch of itty-bitty numbers in squares. The child has to first cut out the phone, paste it into folder. Then cut out the rectangle, paste it onto the phone. Then cut out each itty-bitty number that they need and paste them one at a time onto the rectangle. Are you kidding me with this. I taught my kids my phone number while we were driving around town in the car. They memorized it quickly, and then I test them on it every few days.

I believe lapbooks were invented by home schooling mothers who have 10 kids and they need to keep the kids "busy" with something all day. "Oh, but it's so fun, and my kids love it," they all say. Well, not me. My curriculum has no common core standards legal checklists and NO LAPBOOKS.

I think there's a lot of great curriculum so I don't need to reinvent the wheel or anything, but it's time-consuming to find. I know, teachers, I'm preaching to the choir, right?

Mae is up and coffee is out...signing off.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 1 - Earl Ethan Durham

This is series of biographies is for my Durham/Derham line. My ancestry is as follows:

My dad
Earl Ethan Durham – Grace E. Rose
Charles Henry Derham – Mary Ann Burbridge
William Derham – Elizabeth “Betty” Bowyer
Henry Derham – Ann Brownsford
RichardDerham – Joan Smith

Earl Ethan Durham

Heather’s great grandfather

When Earl Ethan Durham was born on February 16, 1886, in Corunna, Michigan, his father, Charles, was 40 and his mother, Mary, was 37. He married Grace E Rose on August 9, 1910, in his hometown. They had two children during their marriage. He died on January 31, 1942, in Lakeland, Florida, at the age of 55.

Earl was of the first generation to adopt the spelling “Durham” instead of “Derham”, though during his lifetime he did use the old “Derham” spelling occasionally. Earl’s brother Ray was the only sibling who steadfastly held on to the “e”.  All of Earl’s other siblings ended up using “Durham” as well.

We have a “delayed” birth certificate showing his birth date, birth place, and parents’ names. This birth certificate was issued in 1965, well after his death, and is taken from data given in 1935, near the end of his life.

The above photo is said to be Earl and Ray Derham. Since Ray is the younger brother by 2 years, then Earl is on the left, maybe 4 or 5 years old.

Since the 1890 census was lost, the first time we see him in the census is in 1900, when he is 14 years old. He lives with his parents Charles and Mary, as well as 5 siblings and one servant, at 400 Frager St in Corunna, Michigan. This address doesn’t seem to exist anymore, according to Google Earth.

This census reports Earl’s birth date as Feb 1886, so that helps us to validate his delayed birth certificate.

I think this photo would have been taken around his high school graduation.

Ten years later, in May of 1910, we can see Earl in the 1910 census. He’s still living with his parents (though he will be married in a couple of months), and he is working as a salesman in a drugstore. This is interesting to see, because Earl will remain in the pharmacy and drugstore career for the rest of his working life. The address is now listed as West Fraser St in Corunna. I am guessing that is the new (or correct) spelling of Frager St. But still no luck on Google Earth.

On August 9, 1910, Earl marries Grace E. Rose. This transcript shows the bride’s and groom’s parents’ names and witnesses’ names. Earl and Grace are the 2nd couple listed…skip the first couple. Earl’s parents’ names match those on the delayed birth certificate. His witness is his brother Ray. The marriage license was issued on August 8, with the actual marriage taking place in Corunna the next day.

I believe this to be his wedding photo. He is 24 years old.

The wedding made front page news of the Corunna Journal.

On 17 Feb 1912, his daughter Martha Lucile Durham is born. Here she is with mother Grace, when she’s 3 months old.

In June 1913, Earl purchases a drugstore business, though it doesn’t indicate that he bought the drugstore building itself – perhaps it is rented.

On 5 July 1914, a 2nd daughter is born. My grandmother Jean Rose Durham.

In April 1916, Earl is elected mayor of Corunna. He’s now 30 years old.

He is re-elected in April 1917.

On 12 September 1918, Earl registers for the draft, due to the onset of World War I.

We can see his signature. Also we now know he is “self-employed” as a “druggist”.

He is further described by the Registrar as “short”, with blue eyes and light brown hair.

Here is the family in the 1920 census. Earl is now 35 years old. They live at 214 State St in Corunna. He is the “employer” and “retail merchant” at a drugstore. He also reports that he owns his home at 214 State St., free and clear.

We now have better luck on Google Earth, but it shows both a 214 West State St and a 214 East State St, very close to each other. Referring back to the 1920 census I can see that just a few homes earlier, the census-taker did visit a 214 West State St already. Therefore I conclude that the Durham family lived at 214 East State St. The home is 2 blocks south of the drugstore they operated at 301 N. Shiawassee St.

The closest address I can find on Zillow is 212 East State St., which was built in 1945. It seems that 214 does not exist any more.

On 16 August 1921, Martha dies at age 9. It seems she had taken ill on August 11th. Her residence on the death certificate is listed as 301 N. Shiawassee, which is the drugstore. Martha’s death notice in the paper confirms that the family is living over the drugstore.

Here is a photo of Earl with the girls before Martha died. The gentleman on the left is unknown to me, probably a grandfather.

Earl was president of the school board for the school year 1929-1930. This card that I found doesn’t indicate which school board, so I assume it was Corunna.

In the 1930 census, the family of 3 is living at 302 West State St. in Corunna, and Earl clearly is shown as owning the drugstore at this point. It also says that he owns the home, as opposed to renting, but doesn’t indicate whether he has a mortgage or not. The home is valued at $8000.

In December 1930, the newly-elected governor of Michigan appoints Earl to the State Board of Pharmacy.

In December 1931, the newspapers report that Earl, whose title is “Supervisor”, “has put into effect a new kind of welfare relief plan. The supervisor is buying produce at the farms at low prices with the farmers delivering to the homes of the needy.”  This is all that is mentioned, so I am only guessing that Supervisor is a state title and that he is using state funds for this effort.

The Derham and Rose families were known to “winter” in Florida.

This photo is of Grace and Earl, and I believe Grace’s father Elbert Rose, on the right. In Grace’s handwriting, it says “Bok Tower” which is located in Florida. I believe this was taken January 1932.

In 1936, we can see Earl in the Corunna Directory. And we also know that he drives a Pontiac. There is his older brother William, as well.

 The 1940 census is barely legible, so I didn’t show it here, but in 1940 he and Grace are still living in the same house. Grace’s father is living with them as well. The 1940 census recorded the highest level of education for each person. Earl reports that he had 4 years of high school. (Grace had 3 years and her father had 1 year.)

On 31 January 1942, Earl died in Florida.

Here is his death notice in the local Michigan paper. It is reported that he’d had a stroke.

I do have his death certificate as well, though it’s difficult to read, so I didn’t reprint it here. He was 56 years old. The death certificate says he had hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. Grace reports that their usual address is 302 W. 8th Street in Corunna. Is that formerly 302 W. State Street? Still no address match today.

He was buried in Pinetree Cemetery in Corunna.


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