Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Allergy reaction to Coke - Coca cola

I have figured out through trial and error that I am allergic to Coke in a can.  Whenever I drink it, before I am finished, my throat starts to hurt and I get a dry cough and sometimes a runny nose.  It feels like a cold coming on.

I noticed it about a year ago, so I stopped drinking Coke.  But then recently I started having it at restaurants (from a fountain), and then a couple weeks ago I asked DH for Coke and he brought home bottles.  Coke from the plastic bottles doesn't bother me at all, so I guess I forgot about my "allergy" (I'm not sure that's legitimately what it is, but I'm calling it "allergy" for lack of a better word).

Yesterday we were at a restaurant that only served canned soda, and I chose Coke.  The reaction has been pretty bad with sore throat and runny nose.  It's been about 18 hours and my throat still hurts. 

I Googled my problem and found a few others with the same issue, but comments/reactions were, "you're crazy" or "it must be the carbonation" etc etc.  So I'm posting the details here to corroborate the others.  Feel free to leave comments if this has happened to you as well.

I know the carbonation is not the issue because I can drink 7-up from a can just fine.  And, as I said, I can drink Coke products that aren't from a can.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter drank a bottle of coke from a vending machine at the mall. Afterwards her lips were tingling and later turned numb. By morning her lips and the area around her mouth was swollen. Her tonsils were enlarged and veiny. We ate & drink everything the same that day with the exception being that coke.


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