Friday, February 12, 2016

As with the budget we tend to overspend... of the more cryptic lyrics I've ever used for a headline, so I'll just explain it...

That one's from Crunchy Love Affaire by Blue in my headphones right now and so apropos...

And let's use that segue to launch into our five bullet Friday

I don't know why I'm using foreign words today

1. Purchase I'm loving: this flashlight
 which was $3.08 when I bought it last month but is $6.99 today. 4 star average on over 13,000 reviews. It's super bright and only requires one single AA battery. Although I'm a big fan of The Minimalists and their philosophy, I've also been thinking we just don't have enough flashlights in my house and among my family. I feel like I need to have a flashlight within arm's reach wherever I am. So I decided to test the little $3 flashlight, and I'd definitely recommend it.

2. Book I'm currently reading: Superbetter by Jane McGonigal.

There's so much good info in it that is relevant to Mike's business, that I need to write a summary of the book. Not need to. I am going to.

3. Superbetter inspired me to: start playing Candy Crush Saga. Oh yes, that's right. Dr. McGonigal says playing Candy Crush is good for you (under the right circumstances). If you want to know more, you'll either have to read her book or wait for my summary.

4. Grocery store trend I like: free fruit for the kids. They used to have free cookies. But this week it changed to this:

5. Fashion trend I started: using my knee-high boots as a purse. One reason I wear knee-highs every day is because I put my phone and wallet and pedometer in my boots. I get funny looks when my boot starts ringing.

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