Friday, February 05, 2016

More flu

This flu is getting really frustrating. After I wrote my last post about it, I ended up having to go to urgent care for strep throat symptoms and had to take antibiotics all this week. I am 100% better now. But now Libby is down for the 2nd time. She has been on the floor with a fever for the last 48 hours. It's really frustrating. The whole mess started back on January 13 when Mae was patient zero. Since January 13, we've all gotten it and each kid has now gotten it twice. I sterilize toothbrushes, wash all the linens, etc but can't get it out of this house.

Podcast I listened to twice today (made Mike listen the 2nd time): James Altucher's interview with Dave Asprey. I don't think I have previously given Dave Asprey enough credit. I'm still feeling really cautious about Bulletproof marketing, but after listening to this interview I'm thinking he's a whole lot more like Tim Ferriss and less like Dr. Oz than I previously thought. That probably sounds weird knowing how I feel about Tim Ferriss. TF is completely pompous but I also think he is honest and trustworthy. DA...maybe...defo going to go after the brain octane oil now though.

Mike's business is doing well and he is partnering with his mentor to open a 2nd business. It has a tentative name, which I came up with. I'm not sure if he wants me to share it yet, so I won't. Just a peek at some exciting news.

New library we tried: Gladstone Library (2 miles from our house). It is very small, pretty much all one room with a couple of lofts. The children's section is in one of the lofts. So it's still inside the main library and we had to actually be quiet. But they had this huge tub of stuffed animals all based on book characters (Clifford, Curious George, Olivia, etc) and Libby really liked those. They also had the Melissa & Doug board with all the locks on it, and Mae really liked that. We actually used to have one, but the kids must have forgotten about it.

So I had to delete my Girl Scouts rant because we did end up finally connecting with a troop and Libby has joined it. We've only been a couple of times, and sadly, our first meeting was the kickoff of cookie season, ugh! But the troop leader is really cool about it.

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