Saturday, February 20, 2016

5 bullet Saturday

1. Yay, me: I was elected Registrar at my DAR chapter, serving for the next 2 years. I was a little hesitant at first, but I could not comfortably say no. We had a meeting today and now I feel really good about my decision to serve.

2. Photo I can't stop staring at - this photo by Wayne Lawrence for National Geographic, of kids picking up bottled water in Flint, Michigan:

3. Movie Mike and I saw this week: Where to Invade Next, by Michael Moore. I'd never seen a Michael Moore movie before. The title for this one is misleading. It's not about our foreign policy. It's about benefits enjoyed in other (mostly European) countries, that we don't have in the US. Certainly one-sided, but thought-provoking anyway. A few troubling scenes, but mostly sort of funny.

4. TV show we stopped watching: Gotham. In a previous 5-bullet blog I reported that we were enjoying Gotham. But in season 2 it got way too violent, surprising for network TV, and Mike was kind enough to notice me squirming and suggested we find something else to watch. I really wanted to know what happened, so I just read the episode guides online to get caught up. We'll probably start watching the next story arc starting Feb 29, but if they don't stop dismembering each other constantly then I'll stop watching again. I do really want to see the return of Fish Mooney. Hated her at first but now I love her.

5. Product we're trying: Bulletproof coffee.  Got the official coffee beans and an off-brand MCT oil. Unfortunately neither Mike nor I have noticed any benefits. Re: the beans, Asprey and his disciples claim that BP coffee beans don't give you coffee jitters. For me, that is NOT true. Re: the MCT oil, maybe I'm not the target audience. When I'm well (not sick, got enough sleep), my brain is pretty "on" all the time anyway. I don't feel any smarter/more awake/more organized/more focused than usual. (If you know me, you know what that means.) Mike reported that his vision improved, but then upon more research we found that is a normal result of drinking any kind of coffee. (He doesn't usually drink coffee.) Still, Asprey has some great ideas and connections and we are using him as a pathway to knowledge. Bulletproof with a grain of salt, so to speak?

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