Friday, June 17, 2011

No sitter today, so no work, and I had Libby to myself all day.  I blew up a tiny little baby wading pool and put it on the back patio.  I can't say back "yard" at this place.  I know I haven't posted any photos yet, but it's just a tiny, almost unusable area out back.  It's bizarre.  But I put down a tablecloth for padding and put the pool down.  Libby liked it, even with cold water.  She kept trying to put her face in the water.  I put her swimsuit on backward.  Oops.  Need to look up all the "open swim" schedules for the pools we're allowed to go to now.

After playing in the wading pool we went to Gymboree, where they were having a sale, so I picked up some bubbles, a new puzzle, and few "shaker" toys that Libby likes.  Been eyeing those for a while, but I knew they were priced high compared to Amazon, so I hadn't bought them before.

I put up 4 very gourmet TV dinners for DH's work lunches.  Ham with wild rice, homemade cheese sauce, homemade polenta, and asparagus.  Took too long and I might skip that recipe next time.  Burned my finger while making polenta.

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