Sunday, June 19, 2011

Was too tired to post yesterday.  I had played with Libby all day and after putting her to bed, I wet-mopped the entire downstairs.  Afterward my ankles and legs were so tired that even after sleeping for 3 hours they still hurt. 

I'm still getting used to the keyboard on my new computer.  Still goes haywire from time to time, mostly when I'm on Blogger.  I just need to get used to typing more purposefully or something, I guess.  I feel like some of the problem is Blogger, because even when I save my work often, sometimes it still deletes itself...

Today is Father's Day and Libby and I gave DH a card that she colored in herself for 2 days (though it's hard to tell that it's 2 days' work, since she mostly just tries to eat the crayons and then put them back in the box), and what I call an "advance copy" of her 12-month baby book.  I made it on Shutterfly and it's very pretty, but before I bought additional copies I wanted one as a preview.  Now having it in my hands, I do think I need to make some edits before getting additional copies, but DH loved the gift.  I knew it would be a perfect gift for Father's Day and so I rushed to finish it as soon as Libby's birthday passed.

Later we drove down to Salem and had dinner at a nice seafood restaurant with one of DH's former co-workers.  Libby does not handle long seated dinners very well, so it took a lot to keep her entertained through dinner and dessert.  I think some of it was the fact that she's kind of scared of men, and DH's friend's husband was sitting right next to Libby.  I ate well and feel like my ribs are breaking. 

I heard Boston "Don't Look Back" today, one of my favorites...
I finally see the dawn arriving
I see beyond the road I'm driving

I really would have liked to use that lyric as my blog title today, but it's not yet true.  But at least I can say that things have improved since April.  At that time I was living hour to hour.  Now I can at least live day to day.  I can get up in the morning and see my schedule through to bedtime. 

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