Thursday, June 16, 2011

The sitter let Libby sleep til 11:30 this morning, even though I said to get her up no later than 10:30.  This is why I am posting so late tonight.  No sitter tomorrow, so I guess no paying work for me.

After DH went to work, Libby and I tried a local pasta restaurant.  I ordered pasta pomodoro and it was nothing like the pasta pomodoro they serve at Maria's Italian Kitchen in California.  The local restaurant's sauce was creamy.  I prefer a pomodoro that is so chunky that it doesn't resemble "sauce" at all.  Oh well.  Libby had a few pieces of mac and cheese and a sugar cookie that was pretty good.

Took a nap with Libby from 7-8pm and felt unusually good afterward.
Mae is very squirmacious, almost all the time.

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