Sunday, June 05, 2011

Am I back?

Another month has gone by.  I said April was rather hellish, and expected May to be better.  May was better, and we had a nice visit with my dad.  But around that time we also came down with colds, and DH's cold turned into pneumonia, and his work schedule was still hellish (although mine had improved).  So there was not much time to write. 

My laptop got a virus and crashed.  My own fault, I had deliberately removed the virus protection a long time ago and evidently did not learn my lesson when a virus ate Windows a while back.  I just really hate those popups that ask you if you really meant to install something, or ask for more money, or to run yet one more scan.   I had already planned to get a new laptop after we moved back to the city and I realized that my laptop, purchased in 2004, was a bit SLOW.  I had previously thought the problem was the mountain house's internet connection.

We bought an Asus laptop at Best Buy but returned it right away when DH determined that even though the laptop was of good quality, the customer service support was poor.  I guess Asus is new to laptops and customer service.  We brought home an HP for our next try.  It is likely going back as well, because it's possible there is something wrong with the keyboard.  This is my frustration with computer products.  I have been researching printers for a couple of months now.  What I have found is that there are no printers under $200 that have good reviews.  In any brand.  I don't understand how capitalism can allow this to happen.  I asked someone at Best Buy about this.  He said the problem is that none of the big name brands actually manufacture their own products.  They don't actually control, or apparently care about, the quality control at the time of manufacture.  The salesperson told me the quality of a product will literally vary from day to day, which is why you will find conflicting user reviews that are only days apart.  My own estimate, based on spending several hours reading user reviews of various computer products, is that you have a 25% chance of buying a lemon, no matter what computer product it is.  Very frustrating. 

About 6 more weeks before New Bun in the Oven arrives.  We are greatly looking forward to it.  Libby is as cute as ever, and surprises us every day with something new.

DH has a few more weeks of his residency program, and only a week more of day shift before he's finally on a regular night shift schedule.  We are working on developing some routines that will help us parent our 2 babies without losing too much sleep or going crazy.  We'll just have to see if regular blogging can work it's way into that schedule.

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