Monday, May 02, 2011

My hell month may be over.  So perhaps I can get back to blogging on a regular basis.  We finally got all of our things moved out of the mountain house and got all the utilities transferred out of our names.  I hope.  The water guy is questionable, as always, but I sent him notice in writing to 2 different places.

We had a funny(ish) story about one of the babysitters who tried out for us.  She was only 20 years old and had no experience, but something about her application interested me, and I decided to give her a chance.  She said she wanted to start child care as a career, wanted to go to college to study Early Childhood Education, and seemed very motivated.    She established right away that she was a poor communicator.  She and I seemed to have difficulty confirming the day she would actually sit for us, practically up until the minute she arrived.  She did a good job, though, although Libby was a bit of a fussbudget that day and did make a messy diaper.  Still, both DH and I were here, and though I was in my office, DH was with the sitter to help guide her.  He even took care of the diaper.  I was not able to see her out since I was on a phone call, but I sent her a note later through the sitter service and I told her she did a good job.  She responded a week later, telling me she would not like to come back because she felt she couldn't handle cloth diapers.  My first instinct was that that was some sort of dumb lie, an excuse covering up the real reason she didn't want to come back. After all, how could someone who supposedly wants to start this as a career, be so squeamish about cloth diapers?  I figured we must have offended her in some way, and that was the real reason she didn't want to come back.  But then I thought, if you were going to make up an excuse not to come back, wouldn't you make up something a little more benign?  Something that didn't make you look lazy?  Like, "I got another job offer."  or, "The commute from your house to my day job is a little longer than I thought."  or something like that.  So I thought, maybe she was actually telling the truth.  Cloth diapers messed up her whole career choice!  I was rather dumbfounded, and I ended up asking our sitter of choice (age 40) what she thought.  She said she thought it was generational.  Of course!  I had completely forgotten about that.  Studying generational differences was a hobby of mine at one time.  And I know that today's employers have been complaining that the youngest generations entering the workforce are strangely...lazy?  Lazy is not the word they use.  But they report that it is as if the young people have never been asked to DO anything in their lives!  When asked to work, the young employees seem surprised!  And then complain to their mothers!  Who complain to the employers!  Can you imagine?? This is not a joke, this is actually happening.  And now I've seen it with my own eyes.  huh.

6 months pregnant and I look huge, like I'm ready to give birth now.  This is what happened last time.  I guess this is how I carry a baby.  My sister says because I am short.  Someone actually tried to scare me the other day.  Kept bugging me about whether I was scared to give birth to a giant baby.  huh.

I think I hear my other baby crying, so I will sign off for now and perhaps actually sign on again tomorrow.

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