Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It was a typical day, but since I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing, I'll describe it anyway. First off, I am hoping to keep this new HP laptop since I think I fixed the keyboard issue.  It still goes haywire occasionally, but turning off the touchpad solved 95% of the problems.  The touchpad on this thing is pretty huge, and you can't help but touch it while typing. 

Worked a few hours while a babysitter played with Libby.  Libby still doesn't really say any English words and doesn't know any colors or animals even though we go over them a hundred times a day.  But she is delightfully observant, and does a lot of activities without being taught, like dancing, brushing her teeth, etc. 

The rest of my day was spent caring for Libby.  I am great with child and uncomfortable, so I didn't think we'd go to Gymboree this afternoon.  But Libby was climbing all over the furniture, so it seemed like we should go.  Today there were mostly big kids there.  I do hope it wasn't a glimpse of my future, because the big kids were not exactly gentle and a couple of sisters were kind of obnoxious even though their mother and grandmother seemed mortified by their behavior.  DH always describes Libby as a "gentle soul", and she definitely seemed like it today, in comparison with the other kids.  She delighted in playing with rattles, pushing a rolling log-thing around, and she found a big Jimbo doll that was bigger than she was, and she gave him a kiss, twice.  It was SO sweet.

On my way out the door to Gymboree I found a note on my porch that said a serviceperson hired by the water company had been there and needed me to schedule an appointment.  This made me rather irate because a) I was aware of the required service and was already aware that it needed an appointment, and no one had contacted me as of yet to schedule one, and b) I was home when the person dropped off the note, which is how I know they didn't even bother to knock.  I was in my office and heard the vehicle in front of my house, heard someone run up the porch stairs and then run back down and drive away.  I thought it was the UPS driver so I didn't think any more about it until I went outside and saw the note.

I find it completely absurd that a serviceperson bothered to drive all the way to my house, without an appointment, and then didn't even ring the doorbell to get access to my garage, where the thing is that needs to be tested.  Especially since it is the water company who told me in advance that they knew they would need access to my garage, and that they would be in touch later.

Gave Libby a bath and we had this strange Helen Keller moment where she grabbed my hand and stuck it under the running water.  She was trying to show me something or get me to do something, but I have no idea what.

The local pools open on June 20th and I will be going to a pregnancy fitness class.  I also hope to take Libby to a baby swim class, if she will tolerate it.  Lately she has been having screaming fits if you try to wash her hair.

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