Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time is a blur.  I'm annoyed because yesterday I was holding Liberty and trying to work at the same time and she kicked over a mug of tea onto my work laptop, which of course failed immediately and still does not work today.  The mug was almost empty, but the damage is done.  If still no power on Monday I will have to FedEx it back and I will be with only partial access until a replacement arrives, which I expect will be quite some time.  In the tantrum that followed (in my head), I decided it is definitely inappropriate for me to try to complete professional work and parent my child at the same time.  Which would not have happened if the babysitter had been there as scheduled.  Which she wasn't, because we have had snow and she has to drive a long distance and her vehicle is not reliable and she is a nervous driver.  So, I don't know entirely what the solution is for the time being, but perhaps after we move we will have less snow and a larger babysitting pool and perhaps I will have an office with a door, or maybe I will actually leave the house and go to a real company office.  In the meantime I feel like the kind of work at home employee I used to make fun of.  Deservedly so.

We completed the mortgage application only to find that the type of mortgage "they" decided we should apply for, we didn't actually qualify for.  So we had to start over and sign 30 new pages of documents.  I'm not clear on why exactly we can't apply for multiple types of mortgages at once, but I assume there's a reason.  The loan docs contained many errors (both times), but I corrected them and I hope I didn't miss anything critical.  We have spoken with a selling agent and she is showing us 2 properties on Tuesday.  One of them we have hopes for, though I'm still quite skeptical since every other time, a house has looked good on paper and laughable in person.  But we really hope this one works out.  I would like to say we'd even be prepared to crunch numbers and possibly bid on it right away, but I do not think our loan will be in the pre-approved status by then.  Well, that will give us time to crunch numbers anyway, while we wait.

We are rearranging our house yet again, in the meantime, to try to set up an actual playroom/nursery for Liberty.  I am curious to see how well she will accept it.   An open floor plan with diagonal walls makes it difficult to corral a child.  There literally is no door frame between the living area and kitchen, and the entry is from a diagonal, making it impossible to put up a baby gate.  We do all right anyway, but our makeshift babyproofing isn't going to work for me for much longer.  Is there any such system that is babyproof, but not either completely white trash, or adultproof as well?

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