Sunday, February 27, 2011

Worked on the diary transcription.  Went to store to get some storage tubs.  Did some packing and worked on Libby's nursery.  Libby was good at entertaining herself today.  Did not watch the Oscars.  I hate the Oscars ever since Penelope Cruz started attending.  Have been watching Julie and Julia on the free Starz channel.  If Julie could make all of those French recipes in a crappy New York apartment kitchen, then I feel better about ours as well.  I guess.  The house we are looking at on Tuesday has a strange kitchen.  We seem to be fated to never have an appropriate kitchen, which seems a strange fate to have for 2 people who greatly enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time doing it.  Well, Tuesday's kitchen also has no appliances.  This will add to the true cost of the house but I do like the idea of being able to choose new clean appliances of my own.

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