Friday, February 18, 2011

It has been snowing for the last 3 days, although not sticking.  Just some pretty snowfall each morning and night, but nothing that requires me to take the 4x4 out.  However, this morning it prevented Babysitter from coming, and I had specifically booked her so that I could FINALLY finish our mortgage pre-approval application since I am dying to move out of the mountain house before Mae arrives.  Mae - that is the new baby's name.  I'm not sure of the likelihood of that actually happening, but it definitely WON'T happen if I don't start taking the steps to try. Mike is now focused on a job search, which has taken a positive turn in the last few days.  Anyway, re-scheduled Babysitter for tomorrow, weatherman says "sunny" but it is snowing as I type this, so I'm not sure what the morning will look like.  I suppose I could stop blogging and just work on it now, but I'd rather do it when it's not so late and I'm fully awake. 

Mike rearranged some furniture today, partly in preparation for moving, and partly in preparation for Mae's arrival, just in case we're not moved by July.  So I am now typing from an office chair and desk instead of the dining room table.  I'm very happy with the new arrangement.

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