Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peanut butter sandwich post

I am not really supposed to eat peanut butter, but after several years of seemingly successful vitamin therapy, I have started cheating more.  Must remember to take vitamins right after this. 

Took baby to doctor today for checkup.  She hates the doctor, the nurse, and the lab tech.  Especially the doctor.  Hates him.  But, I think it's sweet that she does not pout no matter how many times someone sticks her with a needle.  When it's over she is back to giggling and chattering within a few minutes.  She is a bit crabby right now, though, no doubt a side effect from today's flu shot.

I am late on her blog post.  Learning how to use new camera, is my excuse.

Sandwich is done so I'm signing off to get milk and vitamins, for pete's sake.

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