Sunday, August 08, 2010

Date nights

(thanks to Rob Finch of The Oregonian for the photo)

We have been able to do some fun things for the last few weekends.

First, a few weeks ago we drove to Lincoln City on the coast to go to an antique store that we visit periodically.  Lincoln City is about 40 miles away, so it's not far, and it's a really beautiful drive through the forest to get to the coast.  We have a gone a few times.  The beach there (anywhere in Oregon) is not all that interesting compared to So Cal beaches.  The water is freezing and there are no boats, because no one pleasure sails where it's freezing and known as "the graveyard of the Pacific".  If you go to the beach on a nice day, there are no waves to watch.  It's very flat and empty as far as the eye can see.  If you go when it is raining, I assume that is when the ocean becomes the graveyard and I have heard the rain falls horizontally due to the heavy coastal winds.  So, we do not go to Lincoln City to go to the beach.

The first time we went it was just to see what it was.  Hwy 101 goes through this town, so it tries to be a cute boardwalk but I don't think it ever really succeeded.  It's still trying.  But we stopped and looked in one of the many antique stores and that is when DH found a TV prop from the show Frasier.  At that time, I had just started watching Frasier reruns with committed regularity.  It's on 3x a day in syndication and I had set our DVR for it.  So DH showed me the props.  They were 2 Seabee awards, which on the show is a radio award for excellence in broadcasting.  I like TV/movie props, but I know from looking at ebay that a lot of props for sale aren't used on-screen, or if they are, no one would care anyway.  So I didn't buy the award statues because I wasn't sure if it was that kind of prop, and besides, I thought they were kind of expensive. 

It was within just a few days that I saw an episode of the show that featured the award prop on screen.  Later after watching the entire series, I found out the award props were used once a year throughout the entire series, as the "Seabee awards" were an annual radio event on the show.  We went back and looked at the award statues once more but I still wasn't committed to purchase.  It was only after confirming once more that these were the real deal, did I decide we should go back and get them.  At this point, it had been probably 9 months since we first saw them.  I wasn't sure if they'd even still be there.

So a few weeks ago we went back to Lincoln City and found one Seabee award still for sale.  We were told the other one had been sold.  We bought the one left.  It had a piece of scotch tape on it with some pencil writing.  I wondered why and if that's why ours wasn't purchased.  I decided to clean it up later.   We had a nice seafood/salad dinner at a restaurant on the coast, and Libby slept the whole time. 

When we got home I started watching all the episodes I had saved that featured the Seabee awards.  During one episode you can see 3 award statues on the podium.  So I thought, oh, we'll never know which one is ours.  But wait!  Thanks to my huge high-def TV, I noticed that one of the awards had a piece of scotch tape on it!!!!  In exactly the same place as ours!  And I giggled when one of the characters picked that one up and started waving it around! ha! My TV prop is the best one and I can prove it!


Last weekend we left Libby alone with Babysitter for the first time, and went to Salem to have dinner at the Olive Garden. This may sound stupid, but I had wanted to go there for a long time and it is arguably the finest dining you can come by in all of Salem.  I know I have previously talked about the lack of anything other than diner food in this part of the world.  So we went to Olive Garden, DH's first time, and it was AWESOME.  Kind of funny since everyone looks down their noses at Olive Garden, but the food was excellent, the wine was excellent, the service and attention to detail was excellent.  It was nice to dress up be called Mr. and Mrs.  One thing I have been missing is being able to wear nice clothes.  I no longer go to an office.  Or anywhere at all.  If I used the FourSquare app it would say Home, Safeway, Home, Safeway, Home.  As soon as we moved to the mountain house I left the office, and at that time also found out we were expecting Liberty.  I evolved into a pregnancy uniform of about 3 outfits.  And now I have a mom uniform of Tshirts and pants that allow me to sit on the floor and get spit or peed on several times a day.  DH knew I was dismayed about this so I think he thought of the Olive Garden date just to let me put on a dress and boots.

Finally, this weekend we 3 went out to the drive-in movie theater.  Although I really loved the Olive Garden date, this was the most relaxing date of all.  It was really fun to go to the movies, and also really great that we could bring Libby and not stress at all about her bothering anyone if she happened to fuss.  Although she was not fussy the entire time, which was a plus as well.  We gave that date a big thumbs up and will probably do it again at least once more before they close for the season.

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Liberty was so good that night.


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