Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Someone stole my entire strawberry crop

Someone stole my entire strawberry crop. 

Ok, so, my crop consisted of one single tiny berry.  One. That's it.  And I was waiting for it to get perfectly ripe, and then one day it's gone with only the green cap left behind to prove it ever existed.  I asked DH and he said "It wasn't me."  So I'm left to blame a chipmunk or something.

This entire summer we have only harvested one single strange tomato out of everything that we are trying to grow on our patio.  The $64 Tomato?  We can beat that!  Ours was more like the $200 tomato!  And we didn't even start the plant ourselves - we bought the seedling from a roadside farmstand.

Bottom line seems to be that it is just difficult to grow things here, at least, without a greenhouse.  I have seen on the local news that it is a bad growing year in general, but I suspect our specific low-sun location and lack of greenhouse only compounded the problem. Ugh.

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