Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Mister Postman

Today my new friends Harry & David sent me a box of citrus fruit. I have been waiting ever so impatiently for this fruit to arrive as it was promised LAST WEEK and the thought of tasting it has been my only ray of sunshine in this stupid Portland winter where I nearly died of exposure on my way to the mailbox.

In fact, I have been waiting SO impatiently that when the UPS guy came today and brought me a box that was clearly NOT a box of citrus, I screamed, "Where is my @#$%! fruit!!" instead of cheerfully saying "Thank you, driver, for braving this 20 degree weather."

Incidentally, the @#$%! fruit was in the mailbox. The mailbox I had to trudge through snow to get to, uphill both ways. They sent it snail mail. With a note on the box that said "promptly refrigerate". As if.

It's beautiful. Deep orange. Almost 100% juice. They are called honeybells. Part tangerine, part grapefruit. I juiced one and drank it whole in about 10 seconds. Bliss.

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