Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fast as a bullet, she can jam all night

Last night we went to see Roller Derby. It's very big around here. I guess there is at least one team in L.A., but I never heard of them. There are lots of teams here. One is called the Heathers, and we got to see them last night.

I was not familiar with roller derby. I thought there would some sort of ball. It seems like almost all sports are some sort of game with some sort of ball. Even Quidditch is like that. But roller derby does not have a ball. Each round is called a "jam". Here is a video of a typical jam.

The 2 girls in the back have to get past the girls in the front. They get points for each person they pass.

I thought there would be more violence. PH says next he will take me to a local hockey game.

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