Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wanna take a picture of a snowflake

Well, not just one snowflake. I mean, I want to catch them falling. I want it obvious that there is falling snow. I want it to look like cartoons where in front of the background image there are a bunch of white polka dots. I have seen these photos, so I know it's possible. But every time I try it does not work. I tried it again today. I need to try it against a very dark background, maybe.

(Update, because I see there's a lot of interest in this subject. My dad sent me this info after he saw this post: Try shooting with the camera's flash, shoot against a dark background, like an evergreen tree, and use the biggest f stop you can to have minimum depth of field. Set your little camera to "night portraits" or "Portraits, or faces". Shutter speed doesn't matter because the flash will be for about 1/2000 sec.)

I need a new camera, but first I need a new phone.

A nice thing about Portland is there is no line at the Sprint store. Ever.
Whenever I went phone shopping in L.A., I had to expect to put my name on a list and wait for a really long time.

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Ada Potata said...

Look at my blog! I got you something! <3 Haha.


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