Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Candy Candy Candy I can't let you go

Portland has its own chocolatier, called Moonstruck Chocolates. When we visited Portland a few years ago, I bought a small box of their chocolates at the airport. I remember they were the most beautiful chocolates I'd ever seen. I was glad to see they were still in business when we moved here. But I kept thinking that maybe I was enamored of their chocolates simply because they were from Portland. Now I'm pretty sure these are the prettiest and tastiest chocolates in the world. They are like the candies in the movie Chocolat, only way better. I just can't believe that a company as large as theirs could still make such beautiful candy and not start compromising on something at some point.
Yes, they are a relatively small business. But for an "artisan" chocolatier I also think they are pretty large. They tried to go nationwide with their storefronts (failed, now they are back to just 9 stores in Portland), but they still have a nationwide wholesale presence and were even part of the Academy Award gift bags last year, according to some news article I found online.
A couple days ago, we took the train into downtown and we happened to walk by one of their stores. I haven't had Moonstruck Chocolates other than the one time 4 years ago, but as I said, I still remembered it. We went inside. The lady behind the counter gave us a couple of samples. Mine was a kind of truffle. Now normally I don't care for truffles very much. I like the inside of my candy to be different from the outside. But this was amazing. Best. Truffle. Ever.
We picked out 9 candies to box up and take home. I looked at them for days before I actually ate one. They are just so pretty!

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