Friday, January 09, 2009

She said she was prepared

I am making yet another online photo album, and I realized my digital photo life starts in 2004. And since all these photos are backed up in multiple places, and I've scanned nearly all of my genealogy files, I've been saying I don't need to worry about a house fire or something.

What the hell was I thinking? I have 3 hard copy albums chock full of the "best of the best" photos from my-life-before-digital, and they are not backed up anywhere!!!! I have photos that other people took for which there are no negatives! And who cares about the negatives anyway, when I store them RIGHT NEXT TO said photo albums where they would perish in a fire just like the photos themselves.

Good lord, I guess it's time to make friends with my scanner again.

Oh, but it's not a friendly scanner...

Maybe I could pay someone to scan them for me. The thought of spending another several hours in front of the scanner makes me want to fly to pieces.

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