Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I only made one new resolution this year: to stop paying retail prices. It just is not necessary to pay full retail price for anything. There is always some sort of discount available if you just take 5 minutes to look for one.

I made this resolution 2 months ago, actually. The day I decided this, I went to the oil change place to have my car serviced. While I was waiting in the waiting room I started to talking to a guy that was also waiting. Somehow the subject of my resolution came up. He told me that when he drove to the oil change place, he realized that he'd had a coupon but he left it at home. So he pulled into the parking lot next door to the oil change place, and waited a few minutes until they had no customers and they came out with a sign saying $10 off for the next customer. Then he came over. He refused to pay full price. That's what I'm talking about. It just increased my resolve. And every time I mention my resolution to someone, they always have a story just like that one to back me up.

I did a few new year things that don't really count as resolutions, but more like cleanup to start the new year. I bought a carbon monoxide detector and a fire escape ladder. PH refilled all of our propane tanks since that is our alternative heat source, water heater source, and cooking fuel in case of emergency. And I re-joined Flylady. I had quit when I was in school because at that time, Flylady used the Yahoo calendar, and I was also using the Yahoo calendar to manage my classes. I couldn't have her cluttering up every single day. But now I don't need the Yahoo calendar as much, and it turns out that in the meantime she seems to have fixed that problem.

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