Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wind and oranges

The wind is back and is worse than last time, as the sound of broken glass indicated that we've lost some patio decorations for good this time. Pumpkins blew away, too. Ok, they were kind of small. Not the tiny, tiny kind, but smallish. I heard glass breaking from afar too, so I guess my neighbors also lost something breakable.

The glass on my patio was a lantern. When I bought that lantern, it was the cheapest one. I had been considering buying vintage but then ended up going with least expensive. Tonight, I am glad.

We had one orange left on our little orange tree that had produced 2 oranges this year. In the morning I will see if it is still there.

Mike recently harvested the first orange, and I was half expecting something like the watermelon disappointment. But it was ripe, and juicy, and yummy, though slightly tart.

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