Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby you can drive my car

Mike sold his car and one of the motorcycles. He decided that 3 vehicles for one person was a little extravagant. So between the 2 of us, we now have the Beetle and the motorcycle. Then Mike suggested that we might also want to ditch the bug and get a new car. I loved that idea. And I think we could really use a new car, and that he didn't just suggest it because he doesn't like driving around town in a purple bug with roses in the dashboard. In preparation for our pending move up north, we decided we want a wagon with AWD. Something that can handle muddy roads and that has room for camping gear and trips to the garden store. At our budget, we'll have to get a used car.

So now we know what we want. Now it's the just the process of getting it. I think most people hate the process of buying a new car. When I bought the bug I got it from CarsDirect and it was very simple. But, I didn't have a trade-in and they did the financing. There's a few added wrinkles this time that make it not so simple. And since I am extremely reluctant to commit to a car payment that is more than nominal, then I guess I have some saving up to do.

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