Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long Drive

Today I drove from LA to Concord (near San Francisco) to attend a genealogy workshop for the next couple days. The drive is about 6 hours. Most Angelenos do it periodically, and I think most consider it pretty boring, but I don't mind it. I mean, if you want a dull drive, that would be LA to Vegas. I don't love driving to SFO, but you get to see a lot of open space that is pretty in its own way. The drive made me reflect on all the nature we saw in British Columbia. Central California is sort of the exact opposite of what we saw. There are rolling hills, but unlike BC's green mountains, central CA's are striking in their complete lack of green. They are camel-colored, without a single tree or rock or hole or anything to mar the solid color. This has the effect of making the mountain look soft, like it's covered in velvet. You drive through these mountains that have more windmills than trees. Then in the valleys are the famous central CA farms, something that seemed to be lacking in British Columbia. I don't remember if I mentioned this in the travel log, but when Mike and I drove around BC, the only farms we saw seemed to be growing alfalfa or animal feed of some kind. No produce at all...and this was confirmed when we went to the grocery store and saw all the produce was tagged "California". Mm-hm. So today I drove past about a zillion trucks, bound for Redding and Portland and I even saw a BC license plate. I promised Mike I would bring some fresh produce home, though it's not like it could be much fresher than our own farmer's markets or the tomatoes we've been harvesting from our front yard.

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Olive Jopia-Abarquez said...

I observed the same thing about Central California although I have not posted the photos and videos yet.


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