Friday, August 24, 2007

My eyes are dry and tired. I guess I've been reading a lot...or something. I really don't know why my eyes are tired. The genealogy workshop was good today. I unlocked some doors to information that I didn't know was open to me. I also learned some things that could have been helpful to me when I was working on my DAR application. Oh well, water under the bridge, but I made an appointment with our Regent so I can tell her what I learned and make things more efficient in our chapter. I went to this workshop with the somewhat reluctant understanding that I will be asked to be of greater service in our chapter. But after today, I'm not only willing to be of greater service, but I don't just want to be someone's assistant. I really want the job, the title. When I talk to our Regent I will throw my name in the ring/hat/goblet/whatever.

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