Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No-chocolate dessert recipes

****Update, added 3/6/10.

All the recipes listed here are ones that I have tried myself, and would recommend. In order to make my no-chocolate recipe list, the recipe must be so yummy that if you were serving it to guests, they would not complain about the lack of chocolate. Therefore most recipes will be rich-tasting or unusual in some way. I don't list fruit pies or fruit bars unless they are the Best Ever. I'm assuming that someone who is looking for no-chocolate recipes has already considered every kind of fruit pie or fruit bar cookie imaginable.

I'm also a lazy cook, so the recipe must be relatively simple to make, from ingredients that are easy to find in the grocery store.

I add recipes as I test them.

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For very tasty no-chocolate desserts that I recommend, click these links:

Super-Easy Mini Cheesecakes
Coconut Pound Cake
Coffee mousse
Pumpkin "tamales"
Butterscotch coconut bars
Plum cake
Marry-me apple pie
Hot white chocolate
No-chocolate Toffee

One of the zillion projects that I will take on after I graduate is to collect recipes for desserts without chocolate. I'm not really supposed to have chocolate, so it's hard to flip through cookbooks where 75% of the recipes have chocolate in them. Or nuts. I can't have nuts either, I'm supposed to avoid them even more than chocolate. But a lot of people can't have nuts, so I think that market is covered. But I guess my recipe collection will not have recipes with nuts either.

I'm guessing there isn't a huge demand for a no-chocolate cookbook, but since one doesn't exist yet, and I need it, I suppose I could get around to writing it.


s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Heather said...

S.J.: no, I had no idea! unbelievable, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

wow....i need to go der, i cant eat to much chox caus of my exema

Anonymous said...

lolz i love cooking and chocolate but my mum doesn't eat it so i only make desserts without so my mum can have some !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm highly allergic to Chocolate as well as anything with caffeine or alcohol. It was a resent diagnosis so I know what chocolate tastes like and now that I'm pregnant and am wanting a sweet treat I don't know what to make that is easy without chocolate in it.

Heather said...

Hi, I have found that butterscotch is a good, easy substitute. It's just as rich as chocolate, and you can easily find butterscotch chips and butterscotch pudding in the store. I recommend trying the butterscotch bars link in this post, as well as the toffee. It's easy and really yummy!


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