Sunday, June 10, 2007

busy week

A week since my last post, I must be busy. Tuesday started a new class. It will be intense, but not impossible, and the one thing I like about the MPA program at CSUN is the professors. Ok, I keep taking the same ones over and over again, but they are excited about teaching and very smart and inspirational, and that helps motivate me to muddle through. Wednesday I picked up a new work assignment that involved utilizing some new software, so I was excited about it and stayed up til 1 am for the next 2 nights until I finished the project. I stayed home Thursday to finish the project as I suspected one of my co-workers was saving up a project to ask me to help her with on Thursday, and I didn't want to be interrupted. Almost forgot to go to CERT class as a result, but I made it on time. This class was Search and Rescue, and when our instructor reminded us that when we graduate we get hats and vests, one of my classmates said she'd rather have a crowbar and a whistle. I already have a whistle. On Saturday Mike and I went to the emergency preparedness store where they were having their annual sidewalk sale and free classes. We got there during the pet first aid class, which was totally precious with everyone dutifully practicing on their stuffed animals. We bought a bunch of stuff, including 3 more whistles. Then I worked on my family tree some more. All of this week, on top of all the other stuff I've been doing, I have been corresponding with a woman who showed me that my ancestors were the primary investors in a garnet mine in Alaska. We have been trading information all week and I studied for several hours on Saturday when we got home from the sale. Today is Sunday and I cooked all day. Candy, candy, and cheese soup. Oh yeah and I worked in the garden. Tomatoes are doing great and now I have 6 watermelons coming up. No photos as I am bone tired and must start a new week tomorrow.

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