Monday, June 04, 2007

Work and Jack

Tomorrow I start a new class, and since I know it's going to be demanding, I'm struggling with developing a predictable work schedule that guarantees me time off during the week to do my research. MWF? TWTh? I've finally decided that there's no such thing. My work has always been such that I go in when they need me and when they don't, I have the day off. But the lack of predictability just drives me nuts. I feel like I either get more done, or my head is more organized and therefore relaxed, when I have a fixed routine.

Conversation I had work today:

Co-worker: Are you busy this week?

Me: As a matter of fact, I am.

CW: How busy?

Me: Busy, alright? Get out of here.

CW: Do you have any time?

Me: No, I'm already filling in for someone who is on vacation this week.

CW: How busy are you?

Me: Are you going to offer me something fun to do?

CW: No, I need help with 2 Pains In the Ass.

Me: I said get out of here!

CW: But I'm sick of working with them, it's not fair!

And so on, until I said I would help, when I'm already feeling very inflexible.

On another topic, everyone loves Jack so much. Our neighbor came over with a kitty tent for her to play in. She loves it.

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