Monday, July 24, 2006

Flaming Lips at Hollywood Bowl

Last night we saw Flaming Lips at the Hollywood Bowl. It was cool. I liked it. Though, I liked the opening bands better. Os Bustantes and Thievery Corporation. The opening bands were very upbeat. The Bowl gave us free light sticks. Well, light necklaces. Everyone was glowing and dancing and having a good time. The show was sold out and Bowl seats 18,000 people. We all took our necklaces apart and stuck them together and made the world's longest glow-thingie.

Then the Flaming Lips came out and told us that the show was being recorded, so we were supposed to "go apeshit" the entire time. The thing is, as Mike said, it's hard to go apeshit over chill-out music. It was still pretty entertaining. At one point, the band asked us to throw our glow sticks to the stage. 18,000 glow sticks flying through the air. It was so much fun. Not Jimmy Eat World fun, but still fun.

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Shannon Kristine Croft said...

Steve Burns from Blues Clues recorded an album with help from the Flaming Lips and is also in one of their videos.


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