Sunday, January 21, 2018

Five bullet Sunday

1.     Update on the 2017 losses. My work contract is for 10 hours per week and for the last several months it's been triple that, and I literally don't have that many hours to give. It's been very difficult because ultimately it's Libby and Mae that have their hours with me cut. The next milestone to see if there is improvement is in a couple weeks, and then another measure a couple weeks after that. If there isn't improvement by then, well, I'll be having a little chat with some people.

There also hasn't been any progress on the psych notes app. The developer that Mike liked ended up reaching out and seemed to indicate that he was going to submit a bid and then...nothing...

2.      Update on DAR volunteer work. I'll be Registrar again through summer 2020. I'm working at a Vietnam Commemoration event on Saturday. I didn't have anything to do with planning this one. I was asked to be photographer yesterday, and I agreed. I'm looking forward to it. Also my chapter's 100th birthday is coming up and we're doing a few events to celebrate. I'm in charge of a cemetery cleanup and grave re-dedication (my idea), and I'm also in charge of invitations to a tea party (not my idea). The invitations thing was kind of funny, they basically passed me an example invitation to "look at" and then a few minutes later I hear, "Ok, Heather, I see you're holding the invitation, so you just hang on to that and work on getting us 60 more." I agreed because I do know how to log on to Etsy to order party invitations. Finally, getting the QR code installed at the Vietnam Monument is proving to be a challenge. Everyone agrees they want one, but the artist is stalling on installation.

3.      What I'm reading. I just finished The Restaurant Critic's Wife by Elizabeth Laban. It was ok. I liked it and would read this author again. The story and characters were original, though I thought the husband (the critic) was a big jerk.  

For non-fiction I'm reading The Four-Hour Chef. It is less annoying than Tools of Titans or Tribe of Mentors, which I frequently mix up and refer to as Tribe of Tools. "Less annoying" doesn't sound that great. I actually do like this book. It's a library book and I want to get my own copy. I like Tribe of Tools as well but you have to get past the fact that they all sound like a bunch of tools. In Four-Hour Chef he's uneducated...the book is Tim learning how to learn...hence, he hasn't learned how to be goddamn know-it-all tool yet.

4.      What I'm cooking. I came up with the best cauliflower mash this week. I don't usually develop my own recipes, but Mike and I eat a lot of cauliflower since we don't do potatoes, so this one eventually came together. I use a food processor with the cheese grater attachment to grate one head of cauliflower. Then you melt some butter in a large saucepan. About 2 tablespoons. Then dump in the cauliflower and stir it up. Add in a bit of water, like, 2 tablespoons again. Put a lid on and cook on medium heat for 7 minutes to steam the cauliflower. Stir it every couple minutes so the bottom of the pan doesn't burn the cauliflower. Then dump it back in the food processor with the regular blade attachment and add a couple big spoonfuls of ricotta cheese and some salt and mix it up. Oh and some garlic. It is the best.

5.      What I'm watching.   The girls and I are watching the newest season of Just Add Magic on Amazon. We love that show! What I am not watching: The Worst Witch new series on Netflix. I'm absolutely astonished that in a world where Harry Potter exists, anyone gave this show the green light. It is not a horrible production, though it's not anywhere close to being a great production, it's just that the plot is so similar to HP that all you can do is compare it to HP. They have a Snape character and everything and she even talks just like Alan Rickman. Mae, who has never seen Harry Potter, likes The Worst Witch. I tell her that's only because you haven't seen Harry Potter, which is a million times better. She say, oh, but the magic looks so real. I say, OMG, that's because you haven't seen Harry Potter. I tell her it is wrong to like The Worst Witch. Oh, yes I do.

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