Friday, January 05, 2018

2017 wins and losses

Wins and losses in 2017:

1. Win - the TV show Ronja, the Robber's Daughter and watching it together with Libby and Mae. It's advertised as a kids' show, and I won't say it isn't, but the content can be very intense for a kids' show. I mean, there's an episode about a child's suicidal ideation, for crying out loud. (Episode 23: Life Isn't To Be Thrown Away.) And that's only one of many episodes that deals with the near death of a child. I say all this and you might wonder why I would even adore this show. I normally can't bear something that sounds so sad. But that's the awesome thing about the show - the episodes deal with heavy content but almost always end in an uplifting way. The animation studio is the same one that did Spirited Away, which incidentally, I never saw because it sounds too sad!! But maybe it's handled in the same manner as Ronja.

Also, the mature content is presented in a subtle way. Going back to the example of episode 23, my kids had no idea what the characters were hinting at. Only that the characters were angry and had to solve a problem.

2. Loss - our app for psychiatrists still isn't done. We started it in January and after I created a working skeleton we hired a developer. He worked only 40 hours on it over the course of many months and by September he abandoned the project entirely due to personal matters. It took til the end of December but we did get a copy of the code from him. We interviewed 4 more developers in December. We received bids from 2 of them but we didn't want to hire them. The other 2 that we actually liked, never submitted a bid. It's frustrating.

3. Win - seeing the total eclipse! Everything went so perfectly it was as if we were charmed!

4. Loss - we hired the wrong tax accountant in 2016 and ended up having to pay large penalties in 2017. Our new tax accountant is me!

5. Win and loss - Having Tommy and Ada come visit is a whole bunch of wins, because we did a whole lot of touristy stuff that we don't normally do on our own. Going river rafting was incredible, mostly because Libby and Mae LOVED IT SO MUCH. It was glorious hiking into Latourell Falls and finally getting to the waterfall. It was glorious for about one second before Mike fell and cut his leg open really bad and I didn't have a first aid kit on me (we had one in the car but it took an hour to hike back). Taking Ada to see Cirque du Soleil. Taking Tommy to Seaside.

6. Win - finally going to see Mt. St. Helens on a beautiful sunny day.

7. Loss and win - getting rear-ended and losing our 4x4 as "totaled". But then getting a new 4x4 for free.

8. Win - meeting a new friend to our family.

9. Win - Mike getting hired to speak at a conference in 2018.

10. Loss - I didn't finish my genealogy class that I started writing in October. I still intend to do it, but I'm a sprinter, not a marathoner, and it's hard to get even a single day off.

11. Win - visiting friends and family in California

12. Win - seeing my research for the Clackamas County Vietnam Fallen turned into a monument.

13. Loss - Having my workload triple at the beginning of the year, and I didn't request a new hire until the end of the year. Still struggling with this.

14. Win - had some fun with cryptocurrencies. I invested a little bit in Ethereum and made 225% in one month. Of course, I haven't taken it out yet, so I guess I'm going to see all disappear when the bubble bursts. But I fed my FOMO and had fun with it.

15. Win - happy, healthy kids!

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