Saturday, September 16, 2017

{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 6 - Richard Derham

Richard Derham

Heather’s 6th great grandfather

We know from baptism records that Henry Derham’s parents were Richard and Joan. I have found a marriage record in North Curry, between Richard Derham and Joan Smith, 21 Aug 1727.

This same couple had 3 other sons baptized in the same church. Richard, baptized Jul 1728, apparently died as a baby. Another son Richard, baptized December 1729. Then I don’t find any other baptism records until Henry, born 1737, and then a son William, baptized July 1742.

Otherwise, the name is too common and we don’t have enough information tying people together. There was a Richard Derham born in North Curry in 1700,  and another one born there in 1702. Could either of these be our Richard?    In both cases, the boy’s father’s name was also Richard Derham. A good hunch that my 7th great grandfather is also Richard Derham. But I just don’t know. Searching for “Joan Derham” doesn’t narrow it down. There are at least 3 Joan Derhams  who died in North Curry around the time  I’m looking, but  I can’t see who they are buried near, or an exact transcript of the gravestone.

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