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{genealogy} Durham/Derham ancestry part 5 - HENRY DERHAM (B. 1737)

Henry Derham (b. 1737)

Heather’s 5th great grandfather

Henry Derham was born on July 11, 1737, the son of Joan and Richard. He married Ann Brownsford on January 17, 1765, in North Curry, Somerset, England. They had two sons that we know of. He died on March 25, 1803, at the age of 65, and was buried in North Curry, Somerset, England.

Henry’s baptism record is unusual because it shows his birth date as well. Here is the page from 1738. I imagine it’s a transcription but I don’t know when the transcript was written.

It says: Henry, s(on) of Richard Darham & Joan, baptized February 18, and he was born July the 11th.

Marriage banns between Henry Derham and Ann Brownsford of North Curry were published for 3 weeks in December 1764. It says the banns were published “by me” so I wonder if that means this document is not a transcript. Typically transcriptions would indicate the name of “me”.

A transcript of the later marriage record indicates that they were married on 17 Jan 1765. Henry was 27 years old.

Their son John Derham, who is buried with them and referenced on the gravestone, was born later that year. The gravestone indicates that son John died at age 27, which would put his birth year as 1765.

The only other child we know about is William Derham, who was born a few years later, in 1768, and is also buried with Henry and Ann.

As referenced in son William’s biography, there is a discrepancy on Henry’s gravestone. Though it says he died 25 Mar 1804, it is more likely 25 Mar 1803. The burial record indicates he was buried 3 Apr 1803. So either the burial record is wrong, or the etching on the gravestone is wrong.

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