Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Remembering the Vietnam War and the Clackamas County Fallen

I don't know why I didn't post this sooner, because I did finish this a month ago. My latest book is available on Amazon! And you can click the image above or click here to get it. We set the price at $10 so that proceeds can be used as a fundraiser for the memorial monument that we are working on. Phase I for the monument is expected to start very soon and has already been funded by one of the partners. My chapter is responsible for the fundraising and execution of Phase II, which is to install black granite benches to match the monument.

At this time, the biographies are for these men that we know lived in Clackamas County at some point, and later lost their lives while in service in Vietnam. As we obtain more information, it will be added to future editions of this book.

Andrew John Abramson, Rodney "Keith" Arnold, William John Block, David Bruce Brandon Jr, Donald Dean Brubaker, Virgil Allen Calkins Jr, Christopher Lee Chambers, Robert Wayne Clarke, David Lawrence Cooper, Larry Gilbert Dahl, Larry Ernest Dikeman, Herb Doby, Curtis Neil Evans, Walter David Freeman, Joel Lynn Gabriel, Michael Jefferson Greeley, Dennis Day Harris, Dwight Hayes, Larry Albert Iannetta, Warner Craig Jacobson, Gary Lyle Kestler, John Alan Macdonald, Daniel Irvin Mambretti, Paul Martin Moore, Robert Dean Neasham, Warren Emery Newton, Allen Dean Perkins, Dale Allen Perkins, Robert James Phillips, David Fred Popp, Wayne Conrad Reinecke, August Karl Ritzau, Charles Leroy Roberts, Donald Raymond Schafer, Robert Ernest Sharpe, Hallie "Bud" William Smith, William Lyle Sperb, Terry Allan Sundeen, Dale William Tolbert, Michael Douglas Weeks, Gordon Lee Wirth Jr, Patrick Leonard Woods, George Nathan Wright, and James Alfred Wright. 

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