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{genealogy} Wood ancestry part 10 - my 2nd line - Rebecca Wood

Due to some intermarriage among the Wood and Shaw families, I have a 2nd Wood line that adds a couple more Woods. Here is the new line, with the new names added in bold.

My dad
Ward Palmer Wood – Regina E. Goppert
Palmer Melander Wood – Jennie Mary Ward
Tillinghast Wood – Jemima Burlingame
Peleg Wood – Amy Palmer
Reuben Wood – Ruth Wilbore
Peleg Wood – Ruth Shaw
Anthony Shaw - Rebecca Wood
Thomas Wood - Content (Thurston?) (if her last name is Thurston, she is NOT the same Content Thurston as Thomas's brother Henry's wife)
John Wood Jr. – Mary Peabody
John “The Mariner” Wood

Rebecca Wood

Heather’s 7th great grandmother

When Rebecca Wood was born on April 17, 1696, in Little Compton, Rhode Island, her father, Thomas, was 30, and her mother, Content, was 28. She married Anthony Shaw on August 14, 1718, in her hometown. They had 9 children during their marriage, all of whom survived their mother. She died in January 1766 in Little Compton, Rhode Island, at the age of 69.

Rebecca’s birth was recorded in Little Compton. The record that I have access to says she was born in Newport County, Rhode Island, and that her father’s name is Thomas. Little Compton is in Newport County. Little Compton Historical Society and records compiled by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour indicate that her mother’s name is Content.

We also have LC vital records proving that she married Anthony Shaw in Little Compton on 14 Aug 1718, when she was 22 years old.

Again thanks to LC vital records we know that 9 children were born in Little Compton.

Rebecca’s husband died in March 1759, when she was 62. She then wrote her own will in October of that year. She died about 7 years later, in January 1766. Her will was proven on 2 Feb 1766.

The will reads, in part:
“…Rebecca Shaw, widow, being something weak and low of body but of perfect mind…To son Benjamin my great iron kettle and farming tackling. To son Anthony and he to be executor, choice of two cows. To son Arnold one cow. To son Thomas bed and bedstead. To son John bed and bedstead in lower room. To daughters Ruth Wood, Elizabeth Wilbour, and Rebecca Potter, each a spoon marked R.S. To grandson Anthony Wilbour 10 pounds. All my wearing apparel to my four daughters…”

She was most likely buried in Little Compton, but the burial location is unknown.

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