Sunday, November 20, 2016

Five bullet Sunday

We had a really bad experience with Home Depot in Oregon City. Long story short is that we bought a new appliance and then they never delivered it, but they marked it as "delivered" anyway. They hire outside vendors for delivery and the outside vendor was awful. But to add insult to injury then the Home Depot service was dismissive too. We finally said since we have no appliance, we want a refund. They said ok, but did not apologize. The refund should be processed tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. The story is a lot longer and I documented everything so I can notify my bank and I guess file a police report for a stolen appliance if needed.

Then, to further diminish my faith my humanity, yesterday we had scheduled 5 interviews with potential babysitters, and only one of them showed up. She was the one in the last time slot. So by then I was very crushed and it's possible I came across as a crazy lady that no one would want to work for. We liked the sitter but she interviewed with many families and is still thinking about it. We used and I really expected more from those sitters. It was really disappointing.

But today we have an electrician here fixing a bunch of stuff in our house and he is very cool and knowledgeable unlike most electricians who come to our house and say, "duh, I don't know" or something like that. So there's that.

We ordered passports for the girls in preparation for going on a cruise next year. That's good too.

And, I presented my Vietnam book to my Vietnam committee yesterday and it was VERY well received and I do love to get recognition!

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