Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 bullet Sunday

  • Mike says, it's all unfolding before us. He's so excited about opening his own office. We've just returned from Ikea since we have to furnish the office ourselves, of course. A suite of 4 rooms and Mike gets to decide how to utilize all of them. Therapy rooms, student rooms, treatment rooms, a coffee bar. Anything he wants. And I give a gold star to Ikea for helping us to furnish it so cheaply.

  • Gold star to Multnomah County Library for giving me a free library card and access to 156 databases that Mike can use for medical research and I can use for genealogy and history research.

  • We had an exterminator treat our house for wasps. I hope it works and I hope we do not live to regret this as I have read that nearly all of the pesticides in children's bodies do not come from produce but from home treatments. But last year we had trouble with wasps all summer and it made it uncomfortable to hang out outside or use our grill.

  • Gold star to my one and only FitBit friend who pushes me to average 12,000 steps a day now.

  • Purchase I'm enjoying: Bogs boots. After getting my feet SOAKED during one of my cemetery trips, I paid a spendy amount for Bogs boots. It was worth it. These are waterproof boots that are actually flexible enough to walk in. I have worn them almost daily (unless the temperature is in the 70s). I have hiked in them (up to 7 miles) and I waded in the river with them and they are really truly waterproof hiking boots. They aren't advertised as hiking boots but that is how I wear them and they are great.

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