Monday, March 14, 2016

First play

We took the kids to see their first play in a theater. It was a youth production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. It was at a performing arts center at a high school in Washington. We don't go to Washington very often. It's really beautiful on that side of the river. The Oregon side is beautiful too, but it's different. The Oregon side has high dramatic cliffs and waterfalls. The Washington side has low riverbanks so people can actually build homes riverside.

Anyway, the kids were very good for the show. Libby knows the movie pretty well. At Home on the Range, she said loudly, "This is my favorite part!" and just before Snoopy sings Suppertime, Libby recognized the dialogue and yelled, "IT'S SUPPERTIME!" and I laughed until tears rolled out of my eyes. After that number, I guess she thought the show was over and she said, "No Happiness??" But of course they sang Happiness.

Libby said she would never want to sing and dance in front of people, to which I just stonily responded, "EVERYONE wants to sing and dance in front of people."

Really, I know she said that just to get attention. She loves to perform.

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