Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Libby's room refresh

I waited too long to decorate Libby's room.  I had this decor scheme in mind already: red, white, and blue, with Disneyland decor.  But I waited too long and Libby formed an opinion of her own.  PINK.

I missed getting a true "before" photo, but her walls were light tan and her doors were dark tan and there were half a dozen country style "oak" shelves on 3 walls, all too high for her to reach, and not very attractive anyway.  Her 2 windows had plastic mini blinds, over which we had previously installed floor to ceiling brown velvet curtains.  Though I only had one pair of panels, so actually each window only had one panel to cover it.  The curtains were nice, but the whole thing was meant to be temporary and to block out light anyway.

After we took the shelves down and started prepping to paint the walls white:

Painting the walls and doors white:

And after a trip to Target:

You can see that we left the ceiling the original tan color.  This was not exactly intentional, but more that we started painting in low light and then realized we were running out of both time and paint.  So, the ceiling will have to be painted later.  Maybe pink, as Libby suggests.

But our next step is to replace Libby's bed.  We are planning to BUILD IT OURSELVES which I have trouble believing even though I just wrote it down and it was my own idea.  But yes, I downloaded plans for a loft bed and Mike already picked up all the materials and has been cutting lumber in a workshop he fashioned on our deck.  It's a bit overwhelming but I just keep telling myself that real people do this all the time.  Build stuff.  Like a loft bed.  (A "dunk bed", Libby calls it.)

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