Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cute Overload

  • Mae in pigtails and footie pjs
  • When the girls hold hands
  • Mae being uber-polite.  "Sleep well" "I love you too" "You're wekkum" and whenever you ask her for something, an enthusiastic "Uh course!"
  • Libby wearing fur-lined boots
  • Mae giving kisses
  • Libby, cutting shapes from construction paper, gluing them to a piece of paper, and then exclaiming, "That was so fun!"
  • Mae drinking guava juice from a glass.  Then, empty glass still tipped upside down after she drank the last drop, she announces into the glass, "it's all gone..."
  • The first time Libby wrote her name without help. And then she tells me, "well, I needed a little help with the B".
  • Mae playing with her bathtub animals.  Crocodile is "dile", Penguin is "crengin".  So then I'll hear this conversation: "Hi dile. Hi crengin. Hi kangaroo (walrus). Hi octopus.
  • Libby saying "you know?" as she's talking
  • Mae playing "Little Mommy" as we call it.  She likes to mother her dolls.
  • Libby "reading" books to Mae
  • When Mae says "no fanks I don't want time for bed"
  • When Libby tries to say "cinnamon"
  • Mae playing the harmonica (she's pretty good)
  • Libby telling Mae, "you're my best friend"
  • Mae dipping string cheese in "p-b-butter", her own snack creation
  • Libby very seriously running to her toy toolbox and pulling out her toy hammer whenever we're doing minor home repairs
  • Mae playing with Pooh Bear and "Pligget"
  • Mae memorizing and reciting/singing scenes from Cinderella, with at least 50% made up words but 100% enthusiasm and heart
  • Libby asking for "round candies with Ms on them"
  • Both girls pronouncing "perfect" as "perf-tick"
  • Mae sitting in a child-size chair, pink play outfit, hair combed. Smiles sweetly at me and says, "I just farted."

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