Sunday, March 09, 2014


Today's purchases included new waterproof sheets for Mae Mae, a set of 10 perfume samples for $6, and a few groceries. 

I finished balancing our checkbook yesterday.  It hadn't been balanced in over a month.  I did see a weird small charge I didn't recognize, but assumed it was something Mike had bought.

Then about 30 minutes ago the bank called me to ask if I'd made another small purchase from that vendor, as well as something for $1.01 from Facebook?  Nope, not me.  My debit card has been compromised again.  My bank's pretty smart, most of the time.

Money is frequently on our minds as Mike remains unemployed and does not qualify for unemployment benefits.  What is actually more stressful to me is that the girls' day care is being evicted from their current location and they are considering moving to a new location that is a 30 minute drive from my house.  I know I have written about this many, many times before, so you can imagine that I just can not tolerate having to change nannies for what I think is the 11th time in 4 years?  Less than 4 years...Libby is not 4 yet.  The interviewing, the scheduling, the payroll, the scheduling...the scheduling is the worst of it but don't let's get me started.  "oh," you are starting to ask, "why don't you just..."  but I interrupt you and say DON'T GET ME STARTED because I know where you're going with that and believe me it just ends sad.

And I stop now before I say too much.

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