Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday morning coffee post

Life Audit has slowed as I suddenly have 3 plane trips scheduled in January.  We're doing well on the clean eating, but the rest of "healthy" 2014 hasn't been focused on since I have so much paying work to do.

I got a job in Seattle.  I am absolutely thrilled.  The office has been supremely kind to me, so it's not hard to be thrilled about it.  And evidently they are more than willing to fly me up on a regular basis.  It's just a short commuter flight from PDX, and they have flights every 45 minutes or so, all day long.  So I don't have to spend the night away from my family.  Ask me in a few weeks if I am still thrilled.  This is just a temp job for a few months, but if the arrangement works out it could turn into something more long term.

Eating: Freeze dried scrambled eggs

Drinking: coconut water

Reading: Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos

Listening: Finding Home: A Memoir of Arts and Crafts by Anne Ayers Koch, audiobook

Watching: In Search Of.  Shannon got me the DVDs for Christmas.  It's so awesome! Which reminds me, Mike heard Bigfoot in our back acre last night.  He admits he was terrified and insisted that Zack stay indoors at night.  Also he told me to make sure not to go out at night, as if I commonly hike through our acre in my pajamas.  I won't even take the garbage out after dark.

Mike: lost his job the week before Christmas.  Still unemployed.  But he got life insurance, yay!

Libby: hyper

Mae: has taken to coloring on walls.  And the floor.  And rugs. And the fireplace.  And herself.  She just loves to color so much and she tries to stay on the paper or white board but she's following a muse or something.  One time she had to take 3 baths in one day from coloring on herself with a black marker.  She also LOVES baths.

House: we traded for tree removal.  Mike will take down another tree where I want to put my vegetable garden. Planning for vegetable garden.  We will hire a landscape designer to help us with the rest.  Researching chickens.  Not much renovation going on indoors right now due to lack of funds.

Cars: both tried to die on the same day and it turned out it was just spark plugs for both.  We were sort of excited about breaking out a credit card to buy a new car, but of course not excited about a car payment.  Postponed that for a while.

Health insurance: I called and cancelled the Obamacare yesterday.  My employer might actually offer me health insurance starting Feb 1.  Since I already have private insurance, which I was waiting to cancel after I was certain that the state insurance was effective, and the state insurance was also supposed to be effective Feb 1, I was starting to freak out at the idea that I might end up paying $500 each for 3 different policies all for the month of Feb.  I wish timing wasn't such an issue here, but hopefully will be resolved by Monday.

The DAR asked me to help organize a big memorial day thing at the local cemetery.  I live near the cemetery which is why they asked me.  I'll probably say yes.

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