Thursday, January 23, 2014


When I was in high school I wore a lot of silver rings.  I used to boast that I had 10 fingers but wore more than 10 rings.  The only finger that remained bare was the pinkie finger on my right hand.  We weren't keyboarding back then, and I didn't like to have a ring dragging across the page as I wrote.

The rings did get heavy, but I didn't mind.  I liked the look, and I still do today, but now they are just too heavy for everyday wear, clinking together as I keyboard 20 years later.

I wore a nose ring for about 15 years, until Oregon allergies forced me to finally remove it permanently.  The Oregon lifestyle also caused me to retire pretty much my entire jewelry box.  No longer working in an LA office, but instead working from home, 2 years in a mountain cabin with no neighbors...well, the shiny costume jewelry and vintage diamond rings seemed to look strange after a 20 mile drive to the nearest grocery store.

I wore signature silver hoops in my ears for many years, until I had babies.  When Mae turned 2 I finally put my earrings back on, and felt closer to my old self than I had in a long time.

Now, other than those hoops, only my moissanite engagement ring is worn.  I love wearing such an incredible stone, and the fact that my husband chose the style himself makes it even more special.  I still have no wedding band.  I hope someday that he'll give me one as another gift.  Maybe an anniversary gift someday.

What did I use for a wedding band in my ceremony?  One of my silver rings from my high school years.

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