Wednesday, December 04, 2013

And the cutest band award goes to...

...The Mowgli's.  Mike and I saw them last night and I've never seen anything quite like them.  They are young "indie pop" hippies from California (kind of like the Beach Boys) and I wanted to see them live because they have 6 vocalists (less like the Beach Boys), and they don't harmonize (not at all like the Beach Boys).  The 6 vocalists just line up and all belt out the same tune and the result is very happy and festive sounding (like Christmas carols, when everyone yells "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS").  Anyway, I like bands that either have lots of guitarists or lots of vocalists all yelling at the same time.

What I did not realize before seeing The Mowgli's live, is that they perform all their songs the same way (6 people belting out the vocals simultaneously) so, I guess if you like the effect in San Francisco then you will probably like all of their songs.

I'd also previously not known exactly how big of hippies they are.  All they talk about (in lyrics and in between songs) is peace, love, kindness, unity, friendship, blah blah blah.  It's extremely adorable.  So much that I told Mike if he's ever a sourpuss I will wag my finger at him and ask, "What would The Mowgli's do?"

There are 8 band members though I think it fluctuates.  I imagine that the auditions go something like this:
Can you sing a little?  Can you say LOVE?  Awesome, you're hired! :)

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