Friday, December 27, 2013

$10 chalkboard sign

Chalkboard signs are really trendy. Maybe too trendy.  But I made this one before I realized they were too trendy for me.  The space over my fireplace is short and wide, so where people customarily hang a wreath at Christmastime, well, that wouldn't work on my fireplace.  Unless maybe I hung 3 wreaths in a row, or something like that.  So I decided we'd write our Christmas to-do list on a chalkboard sign.

I got a roll of chalkboard Contact paper from Amazon for $7.  Then I got some red border (also on Amazon) for $3.

I didn't peel the backing from the Contact paper...just used it as is.  It actually lays flat as it unrolls, so I was able to use it and hang it right away.

I primed the paper with the kids' sidewalk chalk.

Then I used a gluestick to glue the red border to the edges.  I used a chalk marker instead of regular chalk to write the text.  The marker seemed to show up better.

Then I used 3M strips to hang it up.  Voila, reusable, moveable chalkboard sign!

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