Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Life Week 9

March 4-10.

Layouts shown here:

March 4 was the first day of week 9 and started quite low.  After a week of no fun at all and Mike gone to work in Corvallis, I was not doing well emotionally.  I had to force myself to keep it together that day because I had hired a plumber to come over to check out a leak in my bathroom, and I didn't want to look like a freak when he arrived.

We had suspected a leak since the previous week, when the washer and dryer arrived to be installed, and I found water on the laundry room floor.  The laundry room shares a wall with the bathroom, so I figured the water somehow came from the shower.  Mike suggested that he might have been the culprit, though, since he had used the laundry faucet earlier, and may have spilled.  A couple days later, now after the washer was being used, I found a puddle on the laundry floor.  2nd evidence of a leak.  Finally on March 3 I went down to my bathroom only to find water pouring from my ceiling light fixture, an alarming sight indeed.  The clothes washer was chugging away in the other room.  Hence on the morning of March 4 I was on the phone with a plumber.  After the plumber spent an hour investigating every plumbing fixture I have, and cutting 2 holes in my ceiling, he said he was certain there was no leak.  We were both flummoxed.  He said he believed me, of course, and we continued testing scenarios, until finally we found the answer.  Leak #1 was probably Mike spilling water as he had guessed.  Leak #2 must have been me overloading the clothes washer, since our new one has a smaller capacity than our old one.  Leak #3 was the result of Libby pouring a gallon of her bath water onto the upstairs floor, and the water went into the floor register and down through my light fixture.  It was all a big coincidence, and now I have 2 holes in my ceiling.  But I learned a lot about my house and I was quite relieved that I didn't have a leak.  I'm afraid I was not able to hide my depression well, though, because I swear the plumber tried to hug me at the end of that hour.  Darn, and I thought I was doing so good.

Mike came home that night, and lucky for me he was very receptive to my problem and really saved me from going over the edge.

That was Monday.

On Wednesday, we learned that Mike was going to be fired from his job.

On Thursday, Mike got fired from his job.

On Friday, our nanny came down with stomach flu symptoms and ended up being gone for 5 days.

I took it all in stride with no problems, and I'm sure I owe it to Mike really listening and helping me come back to life on Monday night.

Naturally, I'm still asking the universe, WHEN exactly am I going to get that nice boring routine I've been asking for?  And yes, Mike losing his job has become "routine", but that's not what I'm talking about.

How lucky that Mike lost his job Thursday.  Because that's when Oz the Great and Powerful came out and we got to see the very first screening together.  IMAX 3D and it was awesome!  And so strange because there were only about 10 people there!  In LA, that would never, ever, ever happen!  In a way that made me miss LA.  I would have liked to have seen the movie in a full house.  But it also made me appreciate Oregon all over again, as well.

Also how lucky that Mike lost his job Thursday, so that he was able to cover for our nanny while she was sick.  I did not have time in our first 2 weeks in Oregon City, to find backup care.  Nor did I anticipate that I would need backup care so soon or for so long.

Mike had us both write down lists of things we each think are FUN.

We took the kids to a playground.  That was fun.

I didn't intend this to be a self portrait when I took it.  I was just messing around with the camera.  I decided to save the photo because to me it illustrates how I felt at the time and I am not ashamed of my real life.

Plumber cutting the 2nd hole

Mae has a habit of laying down flat, at random times and in random places

Mama and baby deer outside of my bedroom suite


Levi Eslinger said...

Lucky for you to have an honest plumber. In some cases, plumbers take advantage of some people. That's why it is vital to know the plumber very well or the company he's working for. Anyway, leak #3 is actually a very plausible result of what transpired.

Heather said...

I used Angie's List to find a plumber with a good reputation!


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