Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vision of fun

Our new nanny started today.  She is 19 and has very little experience.  However, she's clearly being coached by someone from my generation, and the coach is doing an awesome job.  I had interviewed her with the idea that she would likely just end up being our evening sitter, not our full-time nanny.  But her professionalism was leaps and bounds ahead of the other candidates, so I felt good about offering her the job.

She came over today to help me during my Meetup.  Libby and Mae took to her immediately.  They went upstairs to play, and for the next 2 hours all I heard was Libby and Mae howling with laughter.  All the nanny said later is that they "sure can dance!"  Which is a common comment heard about my dancing girls.

My Meetup was great.  Topic today was stockpiling.  I led half and I had a co-host lead the other half.

In my One Little Word class, our February challenge was to create a vision board of our word.  So then I had to go look up "vision board".  I guess I am the last person on the planet to have one.  It turns out that a vision board is one of those art boards you used to have to make in high school art class, where you flip through magazines and cut out words and pictures that resonate with you, then glue them to a board.  Evidently Oprah does them now, and there's a ton of literature that says these are very beneficial in inspiring people to make their dreams concrete, or whatever.  I was like, what a load of @#$%!  Even though it's not much different from putting your word on a necklace.

BUT, just like CY365, I'm doing the prompts even when I think they're stupid.  So I agreed to do a vision board, just not a physical one from magazines.  I don't even believe in magazines, remember?

Then I realized a vision board for my word "fun", was actually more challenging than I first thought.  What does "fun" look like to me, anyway?

After creating my collage from images found on the web, here is my vision of fun:

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