Monday, December 10, 2012

I have been under the weather, but luckily it didn't start until after my Meetup Saturday.  I hosted Power Outage Prep, leading discussion among 7 guests plus 4 kids in my home.  I think it was a great success.  Most people seemed quite happy with the group, and really, I gave so much stuff away they truly could not have left UNhappy.  But the most telling measure of success, to me, was the fact that the end of the discussion all the ladies insisted on scheduling our next meeting right then and there.  So I suggested a date in January and a possible topic, and before I knew it I had someone else volunteer their home, 2 discussion leaders, and a guest speaker lined up.  It's really proving to be a great group of women, and I'm so glad I finally decided to organize the club.

My 2 girls were sick last Thursday night.  Libby was over it in about an hour and Mae took about 3 hours.  I didn't think too much of it, but I came down with a bug early Sunday morning and was uncomfortable the whole day.   As always, none of our sitters were available.  I could not stand upright and Mike had to go to work.  He was able to get someone to cover the 2nd half of his shift, though, and he really has the best friends - he was also able to get his friend who is our neighbor, to come and take care of Libby while I slept and Mae took a nap.  I was barely conscious of the fact that our neighbors came over and took Libby away.    She was really good too, even though she didn't know them.  I'm very moved that Mike really rallied for me. I truly could not stand up and I was very concerned about being able to care for our babies in that condition.  I suppose if worse came to worst I would have hired a complete stranger from a sitter pool to come over, which would have been expensive and still uncomfortable, probably.  So, I'm very grateful to my husband.

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